Avalon – New Version 7.8

Date: 28.11.2020
Language: English
Version: 7.8
Censored: No


After a traumatic experience leaves her broken and alone, Avalon moves in with her Uncle. As they reconnect after being disassociated for several years, they begin to find solace in each other. As their relationship grows, it attracts new friends, old foes and exciting adventures.
Before you begin getting to know Avalon and her Uncle Byron, you will be given a choice between two friends; Dallas or Octavia. Dallas is a flirtatious cheerleader who may be more than she seems. Octavia is benevolent and kind but behind her glowing personality is a deeply buried secret. Who will you choose?


The Final release of Act 7 is here! I appreciate everyone being patient with me while I put together this last piece of Act 7. Let’s go through the additions.
There are a total of four new scenes, one for each path. And each one contains a sex scene sequence.
On the main menu is a new ‘Mono’ button that will allow you to watch all the mono scenes. In order to watch the Poly scenes, however, you will have to play through the Poly paths. I recommend using the Act Selector if your saves are corrupt.
Without further ado, please enjoy the completed story of Avalon!

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