Tail of Desire – New Version 0.4.5

Date: 02.12.2020
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Version: 0.4.5
Censored: No

Info: The game is set in a world full of desire, wars and death in which all males have been wiped out by the Angels. The world belongs to women! But soon there is chaos once again, as demons and monsters start to appear all across the land. In this time of crisis, the Angels create a boy with blond hair. You will play as the youth Enick, on a quest to save this world and its women, who have been corrupted by desire!​
Brief introduction of game system
The game is made in rpgmakermv, but we will add many new elements. For example, gameplay systems like fishing, cooking, gardening, and gambling. Of course, these features are still in development and could be subject to change!
Other information
The UI, fighting animations, weapons and so on will all be created in our own style, rather than using the default materials in the software.

To Change Language to English – Click third choice in the beginning, then first and first again and you will see English.

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One response to “Tail of Desire – New Version 0.4.5”

  1. Informative guy says:

    VERY NICE GAME AND HOT ART!! But it is not fully translated. Would be so nice if it is fully translated into english 🙂

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