Almastriga – New Build 35.0

Date: 03.12.2020
Language: English
Version: Build 35.0
Censored: No

Info: Take control of big breasted mannequin as you battle dastardly evil monsters with your spear of justice through a dungeon of madness in this one stage tech demo!
(No actual overview yet since it is so early in development)​

Build v35.0
-Blue trail added for dash
-Now weapons specials were placed and you need to equip the right weapon to use each one
-Quest for Andy added: find his drill
-Quest for Jeff added: find his mortar
-Quest for Gina added: find her dagger
-Quest for Emma added: find her crucibel
-Quest for Valerie added: find her book
-Quest for Alice added: find her collar
-Quest for Karen added: find her flask
-Quest for Adam added: find his shovel
-Smooth camera movement for dash improved
Bug fixes:
-Minor changes NPCs menus
-Weapon specials (with movement) used to go through walls
-Camera bugs fixes
-Shadow and Succubus enemies used to teleport when hooked by the fist special 2

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