Claire’s Quest – New Version 0.21.1b

Date: 08.12.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.21.1b
Censored: No

Info: CLAIRE’S QUEST is a dark fantasy game set in a world reminiscent of the early Renaissance, and made using RPGMaker MV. However, unlike the majority of RPGMaker games out there, the game is totally devoid of combat. Instead, gameplay revolves around dialogue, decision-making, and occasional puzzle-solving, with a heavy emphasis on the story and on replay value.
You, the player, take the role of Claire, a desperate refugee fleeing an invasion of her homeland that has taken everything away from her. Thrust into a world without innocence, where the very worst of humanity and all its societal evils are on full display, Claire seems doomed to meet with a dark fate… Will you fight to prove otherwise, or make her succumb to her basest desires?
With your choices, you’ll decide.

• Added the Omega Sandworm scene (unlocked in Menagerie, not Gallery). Related to this, the “Perilous Bouquet” minor quest can now be completed, with a number of different outcomes. You need at least 14 Defiance or Intrigue (and a shovel, which can be found in the Forsaken Mines exterior) to perform sabotage to survive the Omega encounter. The Omega can be chased away or allowed to stay, with a number of different outcomes; conversing with the Omega gives one-time boosts and decreases. You can also willingly breed with the Omega if Depravity is over 14; but breeding with Omega with Defiance less than 14 will lead to a gameover.
• You can now meet up with Beth once she’s rescued + the refugees are moved to Chemont. Following this, if Claire’s Breeding Ranch is owned, you can spy on Beth in her new home with Gale, unlocking a new voyeur scene.
• Beth can be recruited with Gale to the Ranch. If she was rescued in the Prologue, she will join for free. If not, she will cost 1,000 silvers; she has no Ranch scenes yet, so no need to rush to recruit her.
• You can now reunite with Charlotte and Leon in Valos, provided the housekeeping job in Hookton Village was advanced up until the dinner scene. Charlotte will be found working at the Cup and Trotter. Related to this, there is a new molesting scene involving Charlotte. Depending on Claire’s actions during the encounter, Charlotte will be steered down a different path (+1 to Corruption route if Charlotte is allowed to be molested; +1 to Lesbian route if Claire saves Charlotte). Claire needs at least 6 Defiance or 6 Intrigue to save Charlotte. Also, the housekeeping job itself, if Leon is pursued romantically, will +1 to Leon’s romantic route. This encounter starts the “Good Charlotte” quest, but this quest has no further content yet.
• A skill tree has been added to the game. This is a visible representation of Claire’s four attributes, their distribution, and the kinds of benefits they unlock. Only a number of skills are currently unlockable: Happy Camper, Wild At Heart, Open Doors, Hello Sailor, and Lockpicking.
• Gate tolls have been added to both Rathpike and Valos. Fast travel also includes tolls. Open Doors (from Seduction skilltree) will waive this permanently.
• A blessing system is now in-game. You will be able to get blessings from shrines scattered throughout the game. These provide temporary boosts to your attributes for a limited number of steps before wearing off. There are two kinds of shrines at the moment: those devoted to the Temple of Fertility, and those devoted to the Triune, the dominant faith of the Continent. Related to this, new buildings, Abbeys of the Triune, are now available in Valos and Rathpike, though empty save for their shrines at the moment. Note that blessings are not registered as ‘permanent’ and so tutors won’t factor blessing-boosted stats into account when tutoring attributes.
• “Hole In The Ground” quest has been fixed: a blood splatter was blocking the path by mistake. Also, encountering the debtor thugs in the Undercity accidentally cut off progression when it wasn’t supposed to.
• Credits Room via the Gallery has been revamped.
• Chests temporarily removed, pending re-insertion once we finish our new changes to make them “refresh”.
• Sandworms now drop Sandworm Blooms, which will feature later as an important alchemical component.

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One response to “Claire’s Quest – New Version 0.21.1b”

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    While the actual gameplay is somewhat lacking, the sex scenes are some of the best! Your character will have old men, young men, groups of men, women, groups of women, futas, monsters, and more – the options are vast.

    ~a massive game that provides tonnes of exciting scenarios
    ~no tedious combat like most rpg maker titles, instead there’s a fun stealth game
    ~fantastic art work throughout
    ~a main character who doesn’t really have a personality beyond “reluctant girl”
    ~you can grind up money in the first town and literally buy all the sex scenes in the game to view, even if you haven’t unlocked them. While this is cool if you just want to see some boobies, there’s no reason to keep on playing the game afterwards


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