Lord King – New Version 0.8

Date: 25.12.2020
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.8
Censored: No

Info: Lord King – this is a visual novel with elements of strategy. You are going to face everything that includes in life of the lord: controlling other people, obedience to the queen, intrigue and honesty, rebellion and wars, betrayal and loyalty… It’s only depends on you what kind of ruler you want to be.
The setting of the game is post apocalypse. Almost whole population wiped out and survivors are afraid of the “taint” – a disease, which kills or turns you into mutant. The main action of the game happens in one of intacted cities, surrounded by radioactive wastelands.
Your hero came here from wastelands to find his tribeswomen, which have been enslaved. As fate would have it, he becomes a head of one of cities districts – they call it lord. Now you have power to control people’s lives and not only use it to save your tribeswomen but also to become the king of this city.

Version 0.8:
– Holiday event. To start it you need to get Mia. If you already did it, just wait for the next council. I decided to let you see all the content of this holiday update with all girls, no matter what you chose earlier. Ofc, your choices here will matter only if you get the girl.
– Ambush mini-game. I don’t need to write the rules, because I added hints in the game explaining everything (NB: you can turn on/off them). You just need to survive, using grenades and retreats. Make sure you have enough troops because there will be a lot of enemies! The ambushes work only for human settlements when you attack them! You have a 30% chance of being ambushed.
– You’ll meet a new girl if you win one of the ambushes. Read below how to make it easier.
– This update has a lot of animations (29 files, 3 of them are extra).
– Fixed the bug when you don’t pay coins for Mia.
– Fixed the minor bug with rollback on Sunday morning.
– I changed MC’s skin tone. You asked it, I did it.
– Increased the ambush chance
– Improved the pics in the barrack.
Now about how to get the scene with the new girl. First, make a save before you click “Go on a raid”. Then go there. If you didn’t find a human settlement, load that save and click on the raids again, while you get it. Second, when you find it, make a save again. Click “Attack”, and if you’re not ambushed, reload. Then you just need to win the ambush and you’ll get the scene.

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3 responses to “Lord King – New Version 0.8”

  1. My name is not important says:

    Honestly one of the best games in my opinion. It’s hard to impress me, I have very big expectations. I was worried it was dead because of long time without updates, but here it is, a great surprise. Thanks you, lord, for this gift which made my day (or actually a few days)!

  2. eddy says:

    any cheats availiable

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