Tomie Wanna Get Married – New Version 0.6401

Date: 06.01.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.6401
Censored: No


Tomie is a college student who took a leave of absence from college.
She was no longer interested in studying or working diligently,
and she wants to meet and marry a rich man who will fill her vanity.
At the recommendation of her friend,
she joined a matchmaking company mainly used by rich men,
and she met and dated several rich men.
Whether she will succeed in meeting and marrying a really good rich man, or any other ending, is all up to you.

(Added) outdoor Exposure
Added to home activity’s sexual activity menu
and bad ending due to outdoor exposure
(Added) Samdai Company

  • Large-scale content with 2000+ lines. Includes an ending to become a full-time employee
    (Added) Startup scenario option
  • For convenience, a start at specific point option has been added.
    (It was added urgently, so there are only 2 options.)
    -Start after signing up for matchmaking
    -Start from the situation just before the Samdai interview
    (Added) Yumi episode skip option
    Instead of lending a stun gun to Yumi, the option to skip episodes is added.
    However, there is no reward for clearing the scenario.
    (Added) After visiting the neighborhood, add a link event to the “Customer Line” event
    (Added) When returning home, displays CG according to the Tomie’s condition (normal, low willpower, high pain)
    (Added) Display Tomie’s sleep CG while sleeping (5 normal types, 1 type when high pain)
    (Added) 4 characters and stories
    Up to the ending, including sex scenes in pregnancy and Includes oldman type sex scenes
    Residential area roaming event
    Sex and threats, even visits. Includes Nerd type sex scenes.
    Residential area roaming event. Leads to Nerdman type of events unlock.
    Can be met through matchmaker
    To get a job at Samdai, Tomie has to contact Naturo several times through matchmaking.
    Available through Naturo. A phone event occurs on the following Sunday. Includes dedicated sex scenes (leads to a total of 3 sex scenes)
    For more information, including how to accelerate the progress of the story, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in the game.
    (Added) Sex related events
  1. Event to leave graffiti on Tomie’s body after sex
  2. An event to check the graffiti left on Tomie’s body before sex (leading to a decline in reputation)
  3. Event related to ‘cleaning’ after anal sex
  4. Filming event after threesome sex
  5. Events requiring filming sex (Vaginal, Anal) including exclusive animated H-Scenes
    (Added) 2 Type of man asking for sex
    Nerdman – After sex with Hikimori, 3 types of Nerdman who appear in roaming (residential area) and ask for sex appear.
    Oldman – 3 types of Oldman who appear in roaming (slum area, industrial area) and ask for sex appear.
    (Added) Single mom ending, Toru ending
    Instead of having an abortion, you can choose to have a child alone ending.
    In the case of Toru ending, it is continued through the Toru story progression.
    (Added) New Trait, Pheromonal flower
    Traits that convert to 5bp and 5attractiveness per 1 point of Tp remaining in trait selection
    (Added) 16 Animated H-Scenes
    and 4 Samdai dedicated Animated H-Scenes
    (Added) 250+ CG
    (Added) 6 CG-based H-Scenes (5 related to outdoor exposure, 1 related to Samdai)
    (Added) Various miscellaneous things
    Changes & Fixed
    (Improved) Significantly improved the delay that occurs when the sex common dialogue is displayed
    (Improved) Main screen UI
    I don’t know the aesthetics, but the functional aspect has definitely improved.
    (Improved) Screen display suitable for more various resolutions
    All resolutions other than 16:9 are displayed without cutting off CG, etc. Instead, a black bar may appear
    (Improved) Updated the game-based engine to the latest version.
    (Improved) The texture compression method of the game.
    Resource loading time has been reduced, and the file size is significantly reduced when the game is extracted (1.8gb to 1 gb)
    (Improved) Add a description of how to open a locked action in HomeActivity when it is clicked
    (Improved) In the Skid row part of the Yumi scenario, modified to describe the location of the target (94-99)
    (Improved) Significantly improved the translation in the part that starts the game (Thank you for Gibberish666)
    (Improved) Minor engine optimization (removed unused rollback function)
    Memory usage and save file capacity are reduced, and game performance is slightly improved.
    (Changed) Balance adjustments related to the church
    (Changed) Home Activity – Masturbation changed to the submenu of SexualActivity.
    (Changed) In the main dialogue window, increase the size of the displayed text
    (Changed) In some areas of the town map, some returns that do not waste a turn have been added (parks, cafes, hospitals)
    (Changed) Modify default text speed to be faster
    (Changed) Increased the probability of appearance of Toru related events
    (Fixed) Bug fixes (home activity)
    (Fixed) the part where the “Customer Line” scene was not displayed after the neighbor visit threesome event
    (Fixed) a fatal bug that caused the game to freeze or go straight back in some Roaming events
    (Fixed) In some solicitation events, bugs where the event simply passes when rejection fails (neighbor visit, cafe break, etc.)
    (Fixed) a bug where the character faces of newly added in the Contact block overlap
    (Fixed) For anal sex scenes, remove Foreplay option when specific tags are present
    (Fixed) Yumi scenario related, untranslated part translation
    (Fixed) police related scene error in Roaming event
    (Fixed) an error where the event just ended when the refusal failed in the neighborhood visit event
    (Fixed) so that you can no longer use the mouse wheel to flip through dialogs (because of causing a bug)
    (Fixed) Hikimori and Nerdman related events to appear more often
    (Fixed) Some fixes related to syntax errors
    (Fixed) Minor bug fixes

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