Community Service [version 1.9.1]

Date: 12.01.2021
Language: English
Version: 1.9.1
Censored: No

Info: During your first day on Community Service, you and your fellow young offenders are caught in an unusual lightning storm. Shortly after, you discover that the storm has given you and those around you unique abilities, called Powers. But with the world rapidly adjusting to the change, and a dark vision of the future, what will you do?

v1.9.1 – The MC Update
You will need to sleep in-game to update your save file.
It is advised that players replay the prologue to see some of the new content and get the full story.

New interactions with the Mirror Entity
Approach the Mirror in the MC’s bedroom to interact with it
Options unlock after the main character questlines are completed
Several edits to the Prologue
The later passages have been entirely rewritten
The MC’s power has been rewritten slightly and clarified
Several edits throughout character events
Most discussion around the MC’s power has been re-written to accommodate the new power description
New Character: Jennifer
Featured prominently in the in-game porn game Jen & Eric
Now a full character within the game world
Featured as part of the edited Prologue
New Character: Chloe
A background character with one repeatable event in the mall
New Character: Lily
A background character with one repeatable event in the mall
New Locations at the Mall
Cafe, Small Clothing Store, Big Brand Clothing Store
Side activities to pass time are now available at many locations in game
Home Kitchen, Home Bathroom, Estate Bar, Community Centre, Cafe, Clothing Stores
82 New Images, 23 New Videos
Approx 20’000 new words

Updated the Rest Feature
Removed the Wait an Hour option and Skip the Day option
Replaced with a Rest Passage where any amount of time can be skipped in increments up to 4 hours
New Location Mechanic
Main Character’s current locations are now visible in the sidebar
All other character’s locations can be accessed from the characters page
Some locations displayed are not currently available in game, but will become available in a future update
Some locations are available in-game, but the character won’t appear there until an event has been added for them at that location
Added a quickstart function
There is now an option on the screen to skip the Prologue and jump straight into Chapter 1: The Storm
If a character is not at home, you can no longer access their house
Each link now tells you how much time has passed
All Location travel links reviewed
Most travel between locations shortened to 5 minutes
Accessing a character hub no longer increases time
You can now visit the hospital from the start of the game
New Character Interaction Hubs
Riley, Alex, Cory, Haley, Peta, and Veruca
These interaction hubs will be used during future updates
No current free-mode dialogue
Significant update to game’s variables
Almost all variables have been updated or replaced
Removed the ‘Other Notes’ from the Notepad
These details are part of an older mechanic that is no longer being used

Fixed an issue with choices from the Skin questline missing in the Choices passage
Fixed an issue with the Bar location not being available from the start of the game
Fixed an issue with Peta’s profile not appearing on the Characters page
Fixed an issue with some images not appearing during the intro

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