Night of Revenge – New Version 0.46 + Translator (Uncensored Edition)

Date: 24.01.2021
Language: English and Japanese
Version: 0.46
Censored: No

Info: From the maker of Bullet Requiem back in 2015. English Translator:
1) Extract it in game’s folder
2) Extract XUnity.AutoTranslator-ReiPatcher-4.11.2 and open SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator
3) Open NightofRevenge (Patch and Run) and enjoy!

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277 responses to “Night of Revenge – New Version 0.46 + Translator (Uncensored Edition)”

  1. Carlos says:

    the new 0.16 version of night of revenge has already come out, if they could upgrade to it would be wonderful

  2. Carlos says:

    Look me here again, has already released version 0.17 🙂

  3. Gavlan Feel says:

    Version 1.18 is out guys! Oh yeah! Please update if possible.

  4. Gavlan Feel says:

    It seems that game has been updated to ver0.18_2 at october 10
    with difficulty rebalance and bug fixes, update if can, thanks in advance!

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, yes it seems that there is new fixed version 0.18.2 and currently i don’t have it but will try to find it soon. 🙂

  5. Gavlan Feel says:

    Version ver0.19 is out

  6. Ryu says:

    Version 0.19 is released ! Update when possible please 🙂

  7. Carlos says:

    Version 0.19 is now available 🙂

  8. Gavlan Feel says:

    Lol, this game is getting popular, nothing less to be expected from the hentai Dark Souls

  9. Ryu says:

    New version is out ! Update when possible 🙂
    Thanks !

  10. Jitaq says:

    For whatever reason the game didn’t properly translate, there’s a weird mix of minority English and majority Japanese

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, this game is still in development and i think creator is from Japan so probably full game will be in English and Japanese. For now yes it’s mix of minority English and majority Japanese, but if you need some help you can ask me. 🙂

      • Jitaq says:

        Ah, figured there was just something wrong on my end. Guess I’ll have to wait until the full game is out or something then, as there are some key parts to the game in Japanese and I can’t read it. It’s fair enough. Thanks

  11. Kira says:

    Version 0.21 is out, update please.

  12. Dracokid says:

    New version, 0.22, is out.
    Update please 🙂

  13. Carlos says:

    The new version is available. Update if possible 🙂

  14. Kira says:

    2/18 Ver0.22 re-UP, it seems v0.22 were updated with something new, if possible please upload.

  15. Fanboi says:

    I really wish we could buy/support this game it is a lot of fun…

  16. Ryu says:

    New version is out 😀

  17. Kira says:

    Hm, it seems ver0.23_1 were released today, it has a google translation. Not sure if it has any other differenses.

  18. Kira says:

    Ver0.24 is out, please update. If D-lis keep updating the same way it will take about five or six years to complete the game lol.

  19. Ryu says:

    Version 0.24 is up 😀

  20. Kira says:

    Bugfixed version ver0.24_1 is out.

  21. Fanboi says:

    Is there no way to support or buy this game?

  22. Carlos says:

    Version 0.25 is now available. Please update when you can 🙂

  23. Pete says:

    How do you leave the first level?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i think that you usually needs to find elevator to new levels and a way to activate them but i don’t have walkthrough for this game sadly. 🙂

  24. bott says:

    0.26 is up

  25. jayes says:

    Version 0.26 is now available ?

  26. Gas says:

    How you get out of the church?

  27. Kira says:

    Ver0.27 is out, please update.

  28. Ryu says:

    Version 0.27 is up! This should be a good update 😀

  29. Carlos says:

    Version 0.27 is available. Update when you can 🙂

  30. TheNumberJ says:

    Version 0.27 is now available

  31. boqqq says:

    0.27 is up

  32. Kira says:

    Version 0.28 is released, please update when possible.

  33. bott says:

    0.28 is up

  34. debil says:

    0.28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned Hentai Activist says:

      IS there anyway to see what is in the diff ver like patch notes? I found that the web page for the dev is in another langue and I couldn’t find a way to support the guy XD

      • miladmin says:

        Here is some change-log which i found and about support you can do it only via Japanese version of patreon

        7/31 Ver0.28の主な変更点


        Bug Fixed


        Added last area’s entrance.

        Add items, if you can’t get items from chest, please message or tweet me.



        Add bull head demon
        Slaves and vagabond will drop lock pick.

        Add Gameover scene in “橋街区、見せしめの入り口”

        Add “黒い汚塊1” and “黒い汚塊2” ‘s birth scenes, different with slime’s birth scenes.

        You can use ESC+5 and ESC+6 to birth scene. 5 is slime, 6 is 黒い汚塊.


        Might add birth progress will make speed down debuff.


        ・新武器 無銘 湾れ刃(のたれば)を追加。
        ・新武器 牛頭の鎚大刀を追加。
        Add new weapon “無銘 湾れ刃(のたれば)”
        Add new weapon “牛頭の鎚大刀”

        無銘 湾れ刃はスラムにあります。
        無銘 湾れ刃は異質強化をするとロマン武器へと変貌します、また納刀時にも狭い範囲ですが当たり判定ありです。ロマン武器、一度お試しあれ!
        You can find “無銘 湾れ刃” in スラム area
        “牛頭の鎚大刀” will drop from bull head demon.

        Add weapon upgrade reset.
        You can reset weapon upgrade level by spend some イデア



        Target on July
        Add one more birth enemy.
        Gameover scene’s finish and after added
        Bug fixed
        Working on maps
        Weapon upgrade reset

        Add new enemy and 2 new weapon

        Target on August
        Will add magic combine system
        Working on last area’s map
        Add one more H-scene

        Will add new boss

  35. Kira says:

    According to developer’s site, there is supposed to be english, Google translated version. It is possible to upload it?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i think that there exist only one version and only something is translated to English but full game will be probably completely in English. 🙂

  36. Kira says:

    Ver0.30 released, please upload when possible.
    Hope my grandchilds will see the final version of the game lol.

  37. Valentine says:

    UPDATE to Ver0.30 please!

  38. HS says:

    How can I see ‘cum scrapping’ scene?
    I watched it from video.

  39. Halloween says:

    Thanks for sharing,but why there is a window in Chinese when open the game(ver 0.30)? The game is very good,but that window make me feel disgusted.

  40. Bangladesh says:

    Can you make a new titsfuck or multiple penis?

  41. Momokiri says:

    Can you make a new titsfuck or multiple penis

  42. Kira says:

    ver0.31 is out.

  43. badip90 says:

    For new version need crack? Hope new version will be as soon as posible

  44. HS says:

    Only 1 H-scene added in 0.31 version?

  45. 426htc says:

    Download servers, are paid and very slow, you do not know 4shared mediafire googledrive, and others. ?

    • miladmin says:

      There is my second site but i need time to post all games there, and there you can download via mediafire, mega etc 🙂

  46. Thomas says:

    How exactly do you switch over to enlish? config option on the menu is greyed out and the two notepads aren’t translatable

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, actually game is mainly in Japanese( or Chinese) Language but something is on English and Full game will be completely translated to English. 🙂

  47. badip90 says:

    0.32 release!

  48. Kira says:

    Yep, Ver0.32 update is out, upload when possible plz!

  49. Kira says:

    Nice! Thanks alot for uploading my favorite hentai souls!

  50. akaki says:

    yo! such a fking great work I will support you later when I can. Can someone explain to me how to fix the english text in the status and sexual status menu please? I really want to finish this game with en subtiles..

    • 0 Syrus says:

      If you don’t have winrar, recommend, here’s a link to a YouTube vid on how to get winrar Once that’s done, double click on what’s called SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator.exe Once that’s finish, a note will show up that says
      NightofRevenge (Patch and Run).lnk Double click This should open the game. Now once you see any jap text, simply click on it and watch as it magically transform into English! Hope this helps bro! Happy Fapping!

  51. Freezie says:

    i can’t close the menu in game, i can open it but then i have to exit it fully as i can’t close it. can anyone help me with this?

  52. Freezie says:

    how do you close the menu and the tabs in the menu?

  53. Freezie says:

    it won’t let me close the menu when i open it. i think this is a bug and am wondering if anyone knows how to fix it.

  54. Freezie says:, here’s the link, the icons for the sections at the top are blacked out so i can’t click on them and i can’t back out of the sub parts of the menu, like the weapon section i’m on now, i’d have to exit the whole game just to get back there, and it won’t even let me save it first

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i will look for this problem as soon as possible and will answer you in comment if i will find some solution. Sorry for waiting friend. 🙂

      • miladmin says:

        Hey again, i will look today for this and if i will find some solution you can expect answer in comment. I am really sorry for waiting, i have had many games to review and post recently. 🙂

    • miladmin says:

      Hello again, use button “Space” and with that you will go back in options. Tell me if it works for you. 🙂

  55. yasin says:

    pls mega link “)

  56. badip90 says:

    new version avaliable !
    please upload 0.33

  57. Kira says:

    Yep, ver0.33 is out.

    • miladmin says:

      I don’t have it now currently, so i am sorry but it will be out on 02.01 because site won’t work from 31.12-02.01. Sorry for waiting. 🙂

  58. badip90 says:

    0.34 out!

  59. Trilux says:

    I thought the game would be in English when I downloaded it. Is there an option or something to do that?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, earlier there was a patch to change language to English, now i don’t have it but maybe it will be available in some of the next versions.

  60. Acanis says:

    .35 just released

  61. badip90 says:

    0.35 out! yeeeey

  62. Carlos says:

    Version 0.36 came out, waiting for the upload ^_^

  63. Minh says:

    When I download the link it tells me i don’t have an associated app to go with it? What do I need to install in order for me to play. I’ve never done this before

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, are you trying to play it from PC or MAC? I think that this game is only for PC. Also it’s created in Unity-3D software.

  64. Blek says:

    I saw that there was a new update from the creator on twitter. Thank you for all previous upload

  65. Henkame says:

    There was a new update on twitter, is it available?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, dev update game 1 time per month and it’s usually at the end of month. This was just some news about game. 🙂

  66. badip90 says:

    0.37 came out! ^_^

  67. Blank says:

    But wheres the new enemy and secret room?

  68. BlankHope says:

    i cannot find the new enemies or the room. im sad :(. was in the white cathedral and nothing new

  69. CW says:

    What is new H-action?

  70. doh says:

    new monster(butcher) area – underneath diocese (where you meet tentacle in pot for the first time)
    before new monster room there is lots of bloodstains on floor
    no h scene, drops new weapon

  71. Ben says:

    Man, I hope he adds a lot more stuff. Additional cum layers depending on how much she got fucked, clothes get ripped off completely, cum doesn’t disappear after the scene, but she stays coated in cum, adding cum inflation to her belly…

    Adding the option to surrender and let the monsters fuck her without fighting back would be cool as well, maybe a corruption system, where after getting fucked a lot, she starts enjoying it…So much potential…Also I need an english translation, if anyone knows of any please.

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, for next version which will be soon (usually end of month) i will have translation and it will be available for every version in future. I play this game too so it will be great for all players. 🙂

  72. Kira says:

    Ver0.38 is out i think.

  73. blankhope says:

    so no new content?

  74. Ben says:

    New event at rodenia chapel. Other than that I haven’t found anything :/

  75. Egg says:

    anyone know how to get the new h-scene?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello i found some info, maybe it will help you:
      There’s a new dialogue system in the game that makes a bar along the bottom, instead of always being the floating text boxes.
      If you go back to Rhodenia, the 4-th area with the orange background, start from the left side and keep dropping down every chance you get, then you’ll run into two big sinner slaves talking about onaholes. You can choose to fight them to save the woman, and you get a choice at the end. Either option results in her being saved, but the second option gets you two fucked for hours.

      • WTF says:

        i cannot find the new enemies or the room. im sad 🙁

        • miladmin says:

          Hello, if you want to see video of that new scene, here is it:
          About that H-Scene in new update 0.38 – Go on Altar where you save game and everything else and find 4-th area called “Rhodenia” with the orange background. Start from the left side and keep dropping down every chance you get, then you’ll run into two big sinner slaves talking about onaholes. You can choose to fight them to save the woman, and you get a choice at the end. Either option results in her being saved, but the second option gets you two fucked for hours.
          If you still can’t find it, let me know and i will see what i can do. 🙂

  76. zzp says:

    The rar is passcode protected. What’s the pass?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i don’t put password in any file. Only if developer protect file with password then i also share it always in game’s info. 🙂

  77. Blackmike says:

    The game creshes once i try to open de patched version, and the normal one too

  78. jayes says:

    0.39 is out, I think!

  79. Acanis says:

    .39 is out

  80. danelpony says:

    anyone know where to find the new event?

  81. Obersol says:

    how to english translate?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, in game’s info there are 3 steps which you need to do + you need to download translator. 🙂

  82. jhiro0133 says:

    what’s new in 0.39?

  83. Assshole says:

    I did all step from game’s info but i didn’t get translation.??

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, did you get new icon “NightofRevenge (Patch and Run)” after steps? When you open the game you will need to wait around 5 sec for every text’s translation because this is automatic. 🙂

  84. natsuna says:

    where can the new scene be found?

  85. dontask says:

    Can someone comment a link every patch? those rapidgator stuffs are too slow, i cant even pay abroad for those fast files

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, beside this site, i am also working hard on second site where will be different kind of hosts which aren’t available here, but will be more ads (not aggressive like on other sites) and it should be completed in August. Currently there is around 1700 games.

  86. blank says:

    ver 0.40 is out

  87. oooooof says:

    When do you think they’ll update to version 0.40 here?

  88. Wall says:

    you are the best!

  89. Jay says:


    I am in gallery mode but only see 7 monsters in menu/list to watch, how do I see more?

    Thank you

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i am not sure why this happens because for every version i always see all monsters because save is included in file. Try to load a save and see if then gallery will be updated. 🙂

  90. Ben says:

    What’s new in this version please?

  91. No says:

    Is there any way i can buy the game without having international credit card?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, where you want to buy it, on file hosts or? Maybe i will be able to help. But don’t worry if you wouldn’t be able to buy, because you will be able to play, i have second site where i use MEGA links – 🙂

      • No says:

        I mean the maker of the game is really great, and the game cost like, a few dinners to me. I just wanna donate him. We all should help the dev so they can release more updates for us to play. You cant just be the only one doing the work here.

        • miladmin says:

          Hello, sure i also think in the same way, i hope that he will gets enough support to finish it. Problem with support for this games in Ci-En platform is that they accept only credit cards, i usually supports creator in Patreon via Paypal. But if this developer will decide to get some bonus support on Patreon like some other Japanese creators then it will be possible. 🙂

  92. danelpony says:

    New update

  93. Kira says:

    Yep, Ver 0.41 is out

    • oooooof says:

      When do ya think it’ll be updated? And I wonder where we can get this after 1.0 releases.

      • miladmin says:

        It’s coming soon on site, i am uploading it now. 🙂
        You mean where you will be able to buy full game?

        • oooooof says:

          Wait, so will you be updating the game here even after official release? You know, 1.0?

        • oooooof says:

          Sorry if I’m coming across as rude, I was just wondering since I have seen games that are passed v1.0

          • miladmin says:

            Hello, no problem mate, actually sometimes games are completed with unusual version for example 0.6. It depends on creator, but you will always see new updates on site till the complete version, and if sometimes developer release DLC, it will be here too. 🙂

      • Kira says:

        Most likely very soon, usually it takes a day of even less. Admin here is awesome, so i’m pretty sure we will get all updates.

  94. danelpony says:

    Uff paizuri

  95. hija says:

    what’s new in ver 0.41?

  96. mercedes says:

    Bro this can be stupid question.. but how do I save and exi

    t game?? Always what i get is new story savefiles

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i think that you can save on altar, and about exit i am not sure, there should be some button. 🙂
      You can always use latest save which is automatically provided for every new version. 🙂

  97. mercedes says:

    Heres the link i am having problem to proceed 🙁 pls take a look

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i wish i can help but sadly i don’t have time to play this game anymore because of many games which i need to post and new updates.
      This game is little complicated to play because of language and earlier i had similar problems to find events like this one which you have now. I don’t have walkthrough for this game, only this map:
      I am not sure if it can help you, but you can take a look if you want mate. 🙂

  98. Chtalia says:

    im done instal & run transalate , but in game still use japanse language ? why i can change to full engglish

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, you must open “Run and Patch” file after everything and when you open game, you need to wait a couple of seconds and translator will automatically translate text. 🙂

      • Demon says:

        What do u mean by patch and run file? I cant find it

        • miladmin says:

          Hello friend, you must download first Translator which is in “Extra Content” and then follow this steps:
          1) Extract it in game’s folder
          2) Extract XUnity.AutoTranslator-ReiPatcher-4.11.2 and open SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator
          3) Open NightofRevenge (Patch and Run) and enjoy!
          Let me know if everything is fine. 🙂

  99. Riyo says:

    Hello admin, I downloaded from your rapid gator link but when I tried to extract it into a folder it just says “WARNING: No archives found” and “the archive is either in an unknown format or damaged”.

    What do I do about this, do I have to download again from the other links? If yes, which one?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, no problem mate, i have backup links on my second site: – please download it from there and tell me if it works. 🙂

  100. Sonnyboii says:

    0.42 is out

  101. oooooof says:

    .42 is out today

  102. Milvra says:

    Were I can get a translate program?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, in Extra Content which is under main links, there is a translate program, also see instruction in info. 🙂

  103. Shizou says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the pregnant scene with the large slave from back in version 0.32? I’ll send a link for context, scene is at about 11:10 ish and starts to differ from the normal animation at about 9:55. Really wish this scene was in the game, any info would be great tbh

  104. Alibas says:

    help! when starting the game it doesn’t let me go up or down between the startup options, not even with the mouse. But in the same winrar it works normal, so I think I’m extracting it wrong or I don’t know, someone who knows how to solve it?

  105. SonnyBoi says:

    0.43 is out

  106. Akiyama says:

    Yo there’s a new update 🙂

  107. ihshtennek says:

    how do you remove the blur?

  108. dan says:

    where’s the prison? whats the closest save point to it?

  109. ihshtennek says:

    When I got the copy from the creator it is censored, so I wonder what change should i make to make it uncensored

    • miladmin says:

      Yes, he must censor it because of site which he use to get support, and for uncensored you must change some codes which sadly i don’t know. I get uncensored version from my sources but i am not sure how they do it. You can download always uncensored version and translator from this site. 🙂

  110. noone says:

    Someone put new scence stuffs on xvids or prnhb pls

  111. ihshtennek says:

    0.44 out, Can’t wait for the uncensored version

  112. Scarlet says:

    Hi, how exactly does the English patch works?
    I’ve extracted the Xunity Auto Translater in the game folder and run the NightofRevenge (Patch and Run) but the game is still in Japanese

    • miladmin says:

      Hello you must extract XUnity.AutoTranslator-ReiPatcher-4.11.2, open SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator and run the NightofRevenge (Patch and Run). Game will be in Japanese first and then it will be fully translated to English. 🙂

    • Kira says:

      Make sure you are connected to internet, patcher is not offline, it translates game in real time via some built in auto translator like google translate.

  113. B says:

    After I download the 2 RAR file how do I run the game?

  114. danelpony says:

    New update 0.45

  115. Kira says:

    Yes, ver0.45 is out.

  116. Loan_Shark says:

    hey mate where is the prison bottom right, at least could u possibly tell me the level of that prison where the new erotic scene happens.

    • miladmin says:

      Hey mate, i think that i found that scene in previous update somehow, with help from other gamers. I will try to find that “text” as soon as possible and you will get it here in comment. Btw enjoy in new update which is now on site. 🙂

      • jjea says:

        so, is there’s a dialogue? can you explain it more precisely?

        • miladmin says:

          Well, I am not pretty sure, I think it’s event and here is how you can get it: Info about Prison: “5th Location 2nd spawn. Keep going down till you reach bottom floor and go right until you find the elevator that leads down to the basement jail. Break the wrecking ball upstairs. See the scene.

    • miladmin says:

      Hello again, here is info about Prison: “5th Location 2nd spawn. Keep going down till you reach bottom floor and go right until you find the elevator that leads down to the basement jail. Break the wrecking ball upstairs. See the scene.
      Tell me if you are able to find it with this info. 🙂

  117. ihshtennek says:

    Do you know what ACT Ryona is? The creator always mentions it in the update but I don’t know what that is

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, this is from the Wikipedia: refers to a genre of fiction and sexual complex wherein a protagonist, usually female, is subject to physical or psychological abuse from an offender who is usually male.

    • brutalKing says:

      ACT is action ryona is physical abuse fetish.

  118. Dan says:

    When is 0.46 released?

  119. danelpony says:

    New version 0.46 :3

  120. SonnyBoi says:

    What’s new in 0.46?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I currently don’t have change log but will try to find it as soon as possible. I only saw one scene in gallery with big knight.

  121. hijaa says:

    what’s new in version 0.46? only 1 gallery update?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I currently don’t have change log but will try to find it as soon as possible. I only saw one scene in gallery with big knight.

  122. Dan says:

    Thank you for your updates!

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