BadHero – New Version 1.8.4P + INC Patch

Date: 25.06.2021
Language: English, Russian
Version: 1.8.4P
Censored: No

Info: You play for Frank, the protagonist, who was imprisoned for 18 years. And suddenly he was released for unknown reasons. During this time, much has changed. The city was influenced by one person. There are gangs on the streets of the city. They are spreading a new synthetic drug Mirage. Prostitutes do not smile at your meeting. Local merchants pay to others. New technologies have appeared in the world. The Internet. Smartphones. Computers. All this is new and incomprehensible.
You have just to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city and live alone. If it is about you, then do it (you may not to read further).
But our hero is not like that. He is used to be the best in everything. If he has nothing, he will take it from others. And it is better not to get on his way.
You will find a power struggle on the streets of the city. Relationship with different girls is an integral part of your future life. Now you will have a lot of them.
The best girls, money, cars. All this will be with you.
Our hero urgently needs work. His ex-girlfriend with her two daughters, took all his money. He will certainly try to find her and get his money back. He works at a private college where young students study.​

Add 200 images
Add 14 high quality animation

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7 responses to “BadHero – New Version 1.8.4P + INC Patch”

  1. Jerry Cotten says:

    still ends with part 2 (Pic 14/restaurant above)

    where is part 3 ??

  2. Jerry Cotten says:

    Wrongly installed – sjpiöd be installed chapter by chapter for itself

  3. Jerry Cotten says:

    cannit find the garage-key int any of the yards

  4. Jerry Cotten says:

    googled it, found on other website

  5. malase says:

    link mega pls

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