Apocalypse’ Lovers – Episode 1 – New Version Prologue 1.16 + Codes

Date: 24.05.2022
Language: English, French
Version: 1.16
Censored: No

Info: The apocalypse finally arrived.
But what decimated humanity was neither a nuclear war nor aliens coming to exterminate us. It was the nature itself that awoke to eliminate the cancer that was ravaging the planet for far too long : humanity.
This plague, which ended the reign of man, was nicknamed “The plant”.
Despite the efforts of governments, it’s rate of growth and the proliferation of the pollen couldn’t be contained. The grass covered the concrete, flowers grew on the corpses, mankind died out in a rattle of ridiculous agony, and the earth breathed again.
Only you and a handful of survivors remain.
Without rules, without law, in a tree of immense possibility, the choices you will make will only be dictated by your conscience and your desires.
At your darkest moments,
In an extinct world,
Where the civilization has collapsed,
What choices will you make ?
Will you walk among shadows…
Or will you seek to preserve the light…

Some Typo Fix
Generator Bug Fix
Some more tutorial advice
Platforme version : Separated version for PC/Linux and Mac Os.
Removal of the android version
Reworked “About Screen”
Small bonus content

Subscriber’s Code:
Version 16: No support code needed
Version 18: 06660
Version 18+: 36663

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4 thoughts on "Apocalypse’ Lovers – Episode 1 – New Version Prologue 1.16 + Codes"

  1. Manoman says:

    ♫ Let’s Go Walk In The Woods ♫
    …Be patient

  2. Manoman says:

    Hello everyone, we are aware of the bug on v1.15, we have sent v1.16 which fixes the bug of v1.15 before it is posted here if you are in a hurry to play without waiting, you can download it for free here.

  3. Manoman says:

    Happy New Year 2023

    I wish you 12 months of joy, 52 weeks of pleasure, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of health, 525600 minutes of love.
    A new year is coming with its lot of surprises 😉


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