Neon Moon – New Version 0.1.6

Date: 16.08.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.1.6
Censored: No

Info: “In the not-too-distant future, a police detective, after a failed mission,
tries to find herself again in the shoes of a patrolman in Neo Detroit city.
Exciting high-speed chases, dangerous gunfights, complex investigations – none of that awaits you.
All that awaits you is a boring job as a patrolman. And sometimes boobs and butts!”‚Äč

The confrontation continues! Once again face the forces of the IRON GROUP
Eva-69’s second level of corruption is now available! Continue training your robot partner
New Eva-69 customization options (optional futa content)
2 New Scenes!
Redesigned menu from Tracey’s house
A new piece of interior design for the home. Decorate your home in a premium way!

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One thought on "Neon Moon – New Version 0.1.6"

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    So this is a fun concept for a game, and I’m getting major “Lewd Knight” vibes from it. However, this game tends to get grindy and repetitive to the point where you’re no longer horny… Just bored.
    ~artwork is pretty good! It’s not the anime babes that I usually expect to see, but it’s got its own flair I like to see. I also like the “parody” characters you run into, looking forward to seeing more designs
    ~randomised events, and a job that gives you a tiny wage. Yeah, that’s normal for these types of games, but I think here it is overkill. You only get 10 dollars to start, with a chance to earn more based on random events, so you’re just left grinding and watching the same events unfold again and again to progress the story
    ~speaking of which, I played about an hour of content, and there is no real story to be had. The problem here is that there is no goal you’re working towards, no baddie to fight, so once you’ve seen the pretty girls doing the nasty, there’s nothin left to come back to. We’re already into the game and nothing is happening…. Perhaps some kind of villain reveal or rewrite is needed in next update?
    Overall : worth keeping an eye on, but right now there are plenty of games (on this site) that do the job much better

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