Photo Hunt – New Version 0.15.1

Date: 06.11.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.15.1
Censored: No

Info: The story is happening around your character, who was unwilingly sent to his mother house. The city you have known before is now like different – so much has changed. Above all, after just one mistake you lost your siblings trust. No money, no love, only your new camera and desire to turn things upside down…​

Rachel’s main story continuation (go to Red Maiden)
Kira’s main story continuation (unlocks once you shared enough clues with Kira and completed Rachel’s first sex scene)
Rachel and Kelly scene (unlocks right after the last Rachel’s main story scene of the update)
Chan Mi continuation (attend classes at school)
New MC’s dream scene
A slight change in the scene where you meet Melanie in Evelyn’s office on Wednesday while she’s away (which could be probably turned out into a separate Melanie’s scene in the future)
New Evelyn’s message
You can make more money at the storehouse once you work 10 times (+more bonus money)
New Fiona’s dorm spycams scene (unlock if you use her help in one of the new Rachel’s main story scenes)
New images for Rule34
1 achievement
Minor improvements
341 images (+19 images from extra scene), 11 animations (+2 animations from extra scene), 210 rerenders (Rachel’s cafe activities, Rachel’s activities at home (morning, evening, night), Monica’s jogging scenes, taking a special picture for Jennifer at the park)

Code: mirogone

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35 thoughts on "Photo Hunt – New Version 0.15.1"

  1. LouM says:

    The cheat code password for this new version (0.9.1) is “kamasutra”

    1. miladmin says:

      Thank you, it’s updated with new code now. 🙂

  2. MrAnargy99 says:

    hi, i`ve trouble with the file i have downloaded by Fileboom and KeepShare if it`s finished with
    downloading and i want to extract the file i get the massage damaged or corrupted file.

    Is there another way get the new version of the game.

  3. Snowball10J says:

    cheat code doesn’t work 🙂

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, i posted new cheat code, please try it. 🙂

        1. miladmin says:

          Hello, it’s in game’s info, above option “Rate this game”. 🙂

  4. sape says:

    ya cambiaron el código de nuevo ?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, is new code which i posted yesterday working? 🙂

      1. srbijoy says:

        Nah! The cheat doesn’t work..

  5. Akhil says:

    the cheatcode “lovelymon” doesn’t work. plz help.

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, added new version and new code. 🙂

      1. Akhil says:

        yea. thats why. thankyou 🙂

  6. abil says:

    cheat version 0.10.03 is “onlymyev”

    1. Mike says:

      It didn’t work. I think it’s cuz it in version 0.10.3A

  7. Mike says:

    onlymyev doesn’t work anymore.

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, I added new code “onlymyev4”, please let me know if it works now. 🙂

      1. carl says:

        wrong code 🙁

  8. Cheems says:

    The code “onlymyev” is working

  9. Cesč says:

    Código para la versión 0.10.1??

  10. Ann says:

    Extra scenes?

    1. miladmin says:

      I don’t have it currently. 🙂

  11. Kollector says:

    Codes not working

  12. Anônimo says:

    I’m not getting through the entire code, can someone help me?

  13. CJ says:

    evisalmosthere Try this code works 100%

  14. Sean Thornton says:

    WTF? What is with the abuse the main MC is putting up with in this game? The main MC’s mother is an ungreatful peice of shit alcoholic and has no respect for her son after all he done for her…Not to mention all the fucking lesbians. The main MC should slap the fucking soul out of them! The maker of this game should stop acting like a Pussy and give the MC some backbone, this game makes me sick to my stomach as a man with all this feminism bullshit!
    Example: Mom…Why don’t you stop bothering me, and get a job, perv?

    Son: Well i do have a job, i just wanted to spend some time with you, as for my job i would have money, but i spend most of it on buying you fancy fucking things and sister too, you ungreatful Bitche’s. You call me a perv, when you’re the one munchin on pussy, you fucking Lesbian, no wonder Dad left you. If you spent as much time with me as you do with the damn bottle and eating pussy you’ed be better off…Fucking Cunt! (packs his bags and find’s a new place to live.. Dev/Devs remake this game will ya, and this time give the MC the power to beat the shit out of these abusers.

  15. Troy says:

    Is there a code for version 12.2

  16. janim says:

    code for new version

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, sadly I don’t have it for now.

  17. Stephen says:

    Is there very much anal in this, because so far I haven’t seen any. Surprisingly, there is very little anal in a lot of these games, even when they include control, humiliation, force, or any variety of lifestyle fetishes. A lot more girls enjoy anal than what these game developers seem to think. And it is practically unheard of to be involved in the alternative lifestyle and not have anal just as common, if not more so than regular.

  18. ole says:

    got a megalink for this one?

  19. Luci says:

    Code 13.3a

    1. miladmin says:

      cheat code: elvinaxxx

  20. EV Fan says:

    cheat code for 13.3b ??? anyone??

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