Girl Life – Version

Date: 20 November, 2022
Language: English
Censored: No

Info: Based on the Russian game ЭТО by DeGross.
This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of RPG, strategy, porn and magical combat. You may choose what kind of life the character will live according to your play style, conscience or even personal beliefs. There are many choices to make in this game, will you be a saint or a sinner?
– Natasha friend path from BBZ01 with code help from Hooded Silence
– More shoes set as bimbo by Gwen
– Bodysuits added to Mon Cheri and expanded at Lusso by Gwen
– More Katya uni chats from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– Further expansion of Music options and code refinements from netuttki
– Solicitation from Wlife integrated to main game including the gas station by the mill and bus to get there by netuttki
– Albina wine event completed by Hornguy6
– Changes to exp system and gains now harmed by fatigue thanks to bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– More Luda dialogue at the pharmacy from Hornguy6
– Two new sex scenes in the uni library with Katja from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– Morning sickness, hangover, and general stomach bug vomiting events if you’re in certain homes or at a hotel from Hornguy6
– New celebration with mom and/or Anya after winning the running championship by BBZ01
– Payment system for outfits so you can pay for all by cash or card by KS
– Reputation values added to npcs for their slut fame by nutluck
– New Anushka events when busking from netuttki
– New internet system to allow for monthly subscription and old system use by minute both taking wifi into account by netuttki
– The possibility to break up with Igor by nutluck
– Appearance rebalance with more focus on skincare and condition with new dental options by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr and nutluck
– Artem now has break up and threesome with Anushka from nutluck and code refactored by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– New content for Vitek and changes to make existing better by nutluck
– Pictures to the new dentist/teeth stuff. Thank sneg for taking the brain damage for finding these for us
– You can now meet Katja in the city mall and try clothes with her, plus maybe get a little show by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– New payment system to convert more options to cash and card payment from Hooded Silence
– Julia apartment updated by nutluck with code from Anya
– Uni cafe added by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– New nush additions by nutluck
– Revamp and changes to Sveta’s property management system by netuttki
– Direct to and from uni dorm room and floors links from Anya
– Anal scenes to shower with Kolka from Sapier
– Your perfect white smile will now disapear if you do not take care of your teeth thanks to bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– New coffee shop on the Island by nutluck with code from Djukkiller3 and KS
– Therapist forced commando trait scene from Lagooncompany
– Pav Park revamp from nutluck
– New roadhouse cafe structure, story and events from Primate in a Pork Hat with a bit of code from KS
– New reactions and tweaks to bootycalls from hornguy6
– Bare bones Sonia home for her prefall content by nutluck with some code from Hooded Silence
– Another trying clothes with Katja in the mall scene from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– text edits from Vengenace_11, Anya, nutluck, hornguy6, BBZ01, Sapier, Lurk Morrison and Lydia
– Bugfixes from rachels, bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr, hornguy6, Anya, Lady Alexa, netuttki, Derryth_Love, Vengenace_11 and KS.




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2 thoughts on "Girl Life – Version"

  1. Dirk says:

    Meiner Meinung nach das beste und umfangreichste Spiel dieser Art, was mir in den letzten 2-3 Jahren über den Weg gelaufen ist…. vielen Dank dafür!!!

    google-translator ^^

    In my opinion the best and most extensive game of this kind, which I have come across in the last 2-3 years …. thank you for that !!!

  2. Kevin Smarts says:

    Thanks Dirk,
    Had no idea we were even posted here. Our home site is linked on the start page if you have any problems or questions.

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