Rina: Elementalists of Manahold – New Version 0.4.1a

Date: 22.11.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.4.1a
Censored: No

Info: Follow Rina on an adventure through magical world. After being accepted to study magical elements, Rina finds herself in a precarious situation, monsters long dormant have started causing trouble yet again. She will have to battle her way through various enemies, gain friends and foes alike. And hone her skills as an elementalist. On her journey to uncover secrets of the recent monster activity, she will have to often get physical…​

Okay, I was able to force one guy into helping me.
I got a file with a list of to-do things. Next update should tackle that and considering I wont be doing it alone for once, drawing time wont suffer.
Things added:
– glory hole bj
– glory hole thighjob
(no reqs needed, old saves should work, you can talk to him after you do at least one job each day)
– some more things, like maps and other non-h shit nobody cares about
Things deleted:
– due to popular demand, GOR is dead, Rina respawns in her room now when losing to smol gobs. Succy still gives Game Over because I forgor. As I said the Dec-Jan update will be the one where I expect most of the polish to come.
– 30 IQ points from my brain, every day I keep getting more and more stupid. I consider that a positive change.
I actually wanted to do the early release for patrons etc. but I just cant be fucked. It feels like more work to set that up. I hope at least someone will get bamboozled and subs thinking they get benefits. Well maybe eventually. Back to the chill part of “game devving” – drawing.

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2 thoughts on "Rina: Elementalists of Manahold – New Version 0.4.1a"

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. It’s a fun little rpg maker title, wherein you’re a busy girl destined to save the world, you know how it goes. That being said, I do like how this one is written, the characters give a very “anime world” feel, and the art is pretty good throughout. Thta being said, it feels like someone’s first attempt at rpg making, as there are several bugs and bit sof polish needed to make it shine.
    Also, keep in mind that this is not the complete game, just the first hour or so, meaning that there’s not a whole lot here right now.
    ~engaging protagonist, she’s a quiet girl with a good heart, always nice to see, and I like the design of her (not just her boobs but that helps)
    ~interesting story, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what comes next
    ~bugs. The worst is if you go into certain rooms/places before you are supposed to, you can set off a future cutscene and break the game. Devs need to readdress this asap
    ~only 3 sex scenes right now. They’re nice enough, but a bit lacking for a first impression
    Overall; worth looking at if you have nothing better to do

  2. クラゲ says:

    This is a good game in all, but i play on mobile and things can be a little annoying.

    First of all, it took me a miracle to find out how to save or how to regain health. I keep losing to the same things all over while losing all that precious progress. Which wasted a bunch of my time.

    Next, most of the features and stuff are really nice, but theyre a little confusing. It took me quite a while to try to figure out anything.

    Lastly, there are a few typos and grammar issues that exist in there. I forgot what typos there are but I totally remember seeing one. At one point, Ghund told me to go left, when I was supposed to go right.

    And to sugggest sone stuff, fix up the bugs, like weird black squares on top of the goblins for instance, or exiting a two-block wide entrance, being very wacky, as it can even bring you back where you were. And lastly, clear up some stuff on whatever youre gonna do.

    Thanks for reading. Really good game overall. I give this an 8/10

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