Being Super – New Version 0.18.3a

Date: 30.11.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.18.3a
Censored: No

Info: Your name is [Enter name] and you are 21 years old. You live with your roommates mom (relation can be changed ingame!) and your roommate (relation can be changed ingame!). Your father died before you were born, you don’t know how but… We’ll get to that later… Much later. On the day you were born, a meteor shower struck the unassuming city of Quiettown almost killing you. Because of this, you were prescribed to take pills that tasted like hell itself would spit them back out. This story begins as your mom drives you to your final check up at the hospital. It was the day that changed your life forever.
You discover that your father was a powerful, alien super-villain who tried to conquer the world but ultimately failed (He died). If that wasn’t bad enough YOU have just found out that you also have superpowers! Will you use them for good? Or will you pick up where your father left off and become the Earths evil god king! If that wasn’t enough there is a portal letting loose powerful being from other universes both good and evil.

0.18.1 ended after visiting Chris at the hospital. 0.18.3 will begin at home, with nikki.
IF YOU ARE ROMANCING ANA, Nikki will not have sexy time with you!!! Choose Harem route if pursuing Ana AND NIKKI.
If you chose to get april’s party supplies from Victoria, she will show up to your house, otherwise Dexter will.
To see Nikki sexy scene;
– not romancing Ana
– Nikki Attraction 70 or more OR flirted with Nikki 7 or more times
After this sequence, you will be able to train Ana at the gym! This quest was in the sandbox version, it will be slightly altered.
The Training Ana sequence has 4 variations;
– Ana and you are Dating
– Ana and you are Hareming
– Ana Hates you
– You chose not to pursue Ana but she does not hate you.

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4 thoughts on "Being Super – New Version 0.18.3a"

  1. Black Dragon says:

    This build 0.14 have some porn content or is still an introduction to the story?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, I think only introduction. 🙂

      1. Black Dragon says:

        Thanks, bro!
        It’s strange that an early build to be that big without any “good” content yet.

  2. Kazutoxin says:

    too many problem doesn’t work properly

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