Karryn’s Prison – New Version 1.1.1 (Full Game)

Date: 10.12.2022
Language: English, Japanese
Version: 1.1.1
Censored: No

Info: In Karryn’s Prison, you play as Karryn, the new female Chief Warden of a notoriously lenient prison that has just rioted. Will you subjugate the rowdy inmates through force, or will you be subjugated yourself as your resistance towards their nonstop sexual advances starts dropping? Shape yourself and the prison the way you want to with the Edicts system! Struggle against sexual advances with the Willpower and Desire system! Become more and more vulnerable to sex with the Passives system! The current alpha version has gameplay up to the boss of Level 1.​

v1.1.1 Changelog
The battle log will no longer be restricted during the Waitress Side Job.
Bar Patron orders will now additionally appear as an icon beneath the patron’s portrait.
A new Waitress skill, ‘Take Orders (Table)’ will allow Karryn to ask everyone at the table what their orders are.
Changes to the cooldown on how often a bar patron can harass Karryn (the same person should no longer harass Karryn multiple times in the span of a few ingame seconds).
Instead of doing nothing, horny bar patrons will now harass Karryn if she asks for their order when they’re already drinking and didn’t ask for Karryn (aka glow yellow).
Added a new Cheat in the Settings for removing the drink ordered icons from the Waitress Side Job.
Removed the old Cheat in the Settings that enabled the battle log during the Waitress Side Job since the battle log is now always enabled.
Removed the ability to choose how many minutes to do a side job for during normal play.

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18 thoughts on "Karryn’s Prison – New Version 1.1.1 (Full Game)"

  1. Kira says:

    Version v.5q is out.

  2. Kira says:

    New version, nice. This game is one of the very few high quality h games that is actually worth to play. Thanks for uploading.

  3. xharoldx says:

    someone has the save game

  4. _VerTigO _ says:

    i can’t play the game like it’s downloading but i can’t launch it help me plz

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, please download again from backup host: https://mega.nz/#!H5cDkKQR!557SpDYTsaE3_X3eq0sZG3qy4hLtNCjxrEIm22sJsE0
      Tell me if it works now. 🙂

      1. _VerTigO _ says:

        Yep it works now thanks for answering this fast 🙂

  5. Ratin' Games says:

    An rpg maker game that pushes the system to its limit, the creators have something really special here! The sex scenes can be events, or in the fight itself, so every battle has the chance to turn into a massive fuckfest. Combined with the mini games, management system, and the corruption storyline, this is one of the best rpg maker titles out there.

    ~Just look at Karryn.
    ~the different enemy types also unlock different sex scenes as well as mixing up combat, leading to all sorts of scenarios. Plus the artwork for them is on point
    ~the mingames are well done, being both fun and sexy, particularly secretary Karryn
    ~the game is actually fun to play, at no point does it feel like a chore to get to the next dungeon or scene, you actually feel like you’re progressing (either in terms of Karryns strength, management, or depravity)

    ~fights with many foes all gang banging Karen really strain the game (especially if there are 3+ waves with full stacks) making fights take upwards of 8 mins (crashed the game once for me)

    Overall: Highly Recommended.

  6. _VerTigO _ says:

    is there a MEGA link fpr V0.7A ?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, sure check out my second site Adultgamesworld.com for MEGA links and similar links for any game. 🙂

      1. _VerTigO _ says:

        alright thanks 🙂

  7. tigertwo says:

    miladmin,in the title it said version 0.9a.g
    But when you open the download file it is 0.9a.c

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, sorry my mistake, there was a couple of bug fixes and I didn’t see correctly version. Here is fast link for the latest version 0.9a.i if you want to try: https://pixeldrain.com/u/EWYNhzj1 🙂

      1. tigertwo says:

        ahh thanks i didnt realize that u ady replied my message. but i think the latest version is v0.9A.L now

      2. tigertwo says:

        hello can you upload the latest version?

        1. miladmin says:

          Hello, you mean on keepshare and other hosts, or to upload on backup links like MEGA? 🙂
          The problem is that almost every day there are 2-3 new versions for this game, and differences are only bug fixes, nothing more. 🙂

  8. Ratin' Games says:

    Heyo lads and laddettes, and of course our lovely miladmin!
    There’s a bug in this version (9B.e) that needs an official patch from the dev via their discord, named the “Daily report error”. If I were more suspicious I would say this is a big introduced to validate the game but I digress. Here’s an online fix (which took me half hour to find, but fully works) tested by myself.
    Not sure if I can post this as it is a link to another site, but I figure it will help
    Have fun playing.

  9. Fox_sword says:

    how do I get the nerds to use the sex toys on Karryn?

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