A Life Lived – New Version 0.3

Date: 16 September, 2023
Language: English
Version: 0.3
Censored: No

Info: As a young child you are found at the gates of the hospital. After being looked after by the staff, a kind couple who had been at the hospital giving birth to their first child, decided to adopt you and take you home with them (ok it wasnt that simple, but thats another story). At age 10 your adopted parents decide you are becoming to hard to handle and send you to boarding school, where you spend the next few years. As you approach your later teens, you end up getting into more trouble there and find yourself being kicked out. Now finding yourself back living with, as you now know them, yours parents and sister. You are starting a new school, in your final year, in a new town with lots of new people to discover.
What has this time in your life got planned out for you.. well actually its totally up to you to decide, as this is a sandbox!

V0.3 Changelog
New Quests added
Some are only placeholders for now.
Some have a number of steps but dont finish.
Some have a start, middle and end.

More steps added to a number of ongoing quests.
First weekly repeatable quest added (which is a way of making money)

More unique dialogue / pictures added for some of the NPC
Hint system has been reviewed again to make sure it matches actual requirements
Blue text roll out now should cover most stat changes to inform player of changes
An NPC appartment added with a number of rooms inside

Altered the size of the game screen to be slightly wider (use browser to magnify to your requirements)
Quests are now coloured in the quest list to indicate level of difficulty

Backend changes to the save to make it more likely to not require a new save between version.
Primary work done to enable multiple saves in future versions. (UI not implemented in this version)

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