A Last Effort – Episode 1 (Version 1.0)

Date: 16.07.2017
Language: English
Version: 1.0 (Episode 1)
Censored: No

Info: A last Effort in a nutshell: a adult game with a realistic setting, realistic social dynamics and in-depth story that combines a struggle for survival with evolving relationships which lead, as well as the setting itself, to a lot of nudity and sex but also hardship loss and hope. Every npc is equal to the next including the mc…. decisions are key to progress in a certain direction with the women around you as well as the story itself. There are individual memories to help develop character-depth. This is not a adult game +story but story +adult content.​

What you can expect so far.
– 7 hours of game-play
– replay value through optional roads via decisions
– deep story and character build-up
– handmade sprites/ tile-sets/ portraits /pictures/ animations
– in short not another 0.1 alpha something never to be finished kinda thing.
Distinguishing traits of A.L.E:
– every decision may change the story
– all characters are equally important
– every action is depicted via sprite and or picture
– realistic social dynamics and progression
– no grinding/repeating/endless walking around
– interaction is key – talk to everyone always –
– save often

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