Pale Pure – New Version 0.7b

Date: 11.11.2017
Language: English
Version: 0.7b
Censored: No

Info: Pale Pure is a tale of friendship and family, murder mystery and suspense, embraced lust and moral choices.
The game takes place in a rural 18 century town and surrounding area with some fantasy elements. In short it’s more or less a classic setting inspired by Christian themes, Lovecraft, Poe and Grimms’ Fairy Tales.
Player will control 2 local girls, one at the time, each with her own events and plot progression. Basically it’s a two different stories set in the same area.
Aside from classic H-content (anal, bj, lesbian) the game features:
Family sex

Changelog Version 0.7b:
I tested it and cleaned some things like message boxes, picture-less scenes and some minor bugs. And I finally started adding images! it’s just one scene right now, but I’m finally back on track.
Changelog Version 0.7:
added a few NPC’s and scenes with them at Day 1 and 2. This and new renders should somehow refresh the game if you’d like to start anew.
also expanded the Day 3/4 content (maybe even overdid it at some point).

Download 1

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Size: 527 Mb

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Download 3

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Size: 527 Mb

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