Grace & Gallium – New Version 1.0.0 RC

Date: 20.09.2018
Language: English
Version: 1.0.0 RC
Censored: No

Info: This is a story about Grace and Gallium.
Grace is a mercenary from Cizna Corlo mercenary guild and has been dispatched to a newly constructed village on Southern Alcella island on one year contract. Her job is to protect the village from constant ogre, goblin, and wild animals attacks while the village settles down and grows.
The game begins after a night of a goblin attack on the village. Grace was able to repel them but there were casualties. The village chieftain calls Grace for a talk and informs her that he has hired another mercenary, Gallium.
And so, the story of G&G begins.​

Version 1.0.0 RS:
1. Story is now completed. You as a player will have a choice to end the game or keep going on for scenes. This also gives me a chance to expand the game, should the need arise.
2. A reported bug fix regarding Fadin castle sneak plan discussion not beginning if a party member is added in a different order.
3. A reported bug fix for Darem retake quest.
4. Grace can give the artist a blowjob once the story is complete.
TO-DO list
Ugi isle is missing some scenes and there is still a locked place. Those are not absolutely necessary. Consider those as extras. I will add them during RC phase.
I am also showing you Shana, Grace’s future daughter with Ren.
Originally, I planned to make a new game around her but I don’t know yet. Shana’s 3D model is far superior to Grace’s 3D model. Grace’s 3D model had some issues with bending which prevented me from making some scenes. Grace’s model also does not have toes. Shana’s model fixes those issues.

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