Brothel City – New January Build

Date: 06.01.2019
Language: English, Russian
Censored: No

Info: Our first project – Brothel City – is a unique adult city-builder game. We think a game should challenge the player even if it is an adult product – thus you’ll need to master the city-building part of the game to issue corrupting decrees and unlock adult illustrations.
In Brothel City you will not find any images stolen from the Internet or soulless rendered pictures – every illustration in the game was created by our artists specially for this game.

Changelog January Version:
January Build
This month we were focused on polishing the game, fixing lots of small bugs, and, what is more important:
The game should not lag anymore.
Yes, it was long and hard work for our programmer to re-write tons of code in order to make the game run fast and smooth even if you have thousands of citizens, lodgers, travelers, and girls.
Now you can see the Shyness falling images before the illustration of decree that reduces it.
Now you can remove Huntress’ traps – click on it and there will be an option to demolish.
You know, we knew about this problem long ago but we always left it for future, never having enough courage to say “OK, it needs to be done. Yes, we understand it will delay other features and probably it doesn’t look like something that requires lots of work.” But we did it.
Also, we’ve fixed lots of mistakes and typing errors through all the texts in game.
A new girl was added – Farmgirl – Country Girls Make Do, if you know what I mean 😉
New sprites for Orcs and Ghosts.
The game’s exe icon has been updated – hope you’ll like it 🙂
Before we used Souteneur’s art for Jessie and it was created not by Jessie. Now your assistant has her own unique look and art.
There was a problem in the late game where you had not enough bathes and tables for all travelers. Now if you use your city’s territory wisely, it will be enough because each Inn now provides 4 tables for eating, Taverns – the same as Inns + 4 tables for drinking, and Hotels – the same as Taverns +4 bathing places and +4 gaiety places.
Also, every Wine Cellar has 4 places for drinking, too.
Now the maximum of Maregirls depends on the number of Aristocrats, not Stalls/Stables – those are Aristocrats who maintain these girls.
Now you will see Priestess of Charity’s art as you upgrade your Sisters of Charity.
The road that appears after construction around the building doesn’t replace other roads now.
Now you again can see the info about a girl or traveler after clicking her/his body in the building
Tests and your reports clearly showed us that in the late-late game it is impossible to satisfy all the travelers who run too often (especially after the last and a pre-last lands expansion). Thus, the travelers’ arrival frequency will not change any more after lands expansion. Unless you play on Hard Difficulty level – in that case, you’ll have more and more travelers after lands expansion.
Now you can construct Pond while having Tavern, and you can upgrade it to Pond with a Beach if you have a Hotel.

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