Innocent Witches – New Version 0.5B + Walkthrough + Save

Date: 12.01.2020
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.5B
Censored: No

Info: Amazing and at the same time, a strange story was told to me by an old acquaintance by correspondence. He told me of the time when he was nothing but a simple guy, yearning for a young female flesh.
But due to the thunderstorm of events, in which he was cast, he found himself at a disastrous end. His birth was shrouded in mystery, and his goals were that of a simple man.
His youth could be the envy of all. But to live through his destiny and bear the entirety of it, is even beyond my power.
He will recite you a tale about the students who changed his life. And many women who he met, and how they have changed his fate.
We are about to take an endeavor into a magical world, that has not seen a wild debauchery since the fall of the Bewitching Guild.
The old magical school, that above all valued purity and chastity.
And we also hear about a young doctor, who grew tired of old witches, and who dreamed of young and innocent witches.
Many familiar characters will meet us there; some of them will take on roles you would have never expected to see them in. Child’s tale transform into the one for an adult. You have never seen them like this.
What was hidden or held back from the inquisitive, but naïve child’s mind, will be revealed with most obscene details.


1.Act 2 begins! (there are several additions in act 1 chapter 5 as well)
2.New scene with main girl (these scenes are on light path for now)
3.Dark path can now allow you to suspend Hermione and Daphne as well
4.Drinking scene bonus for Hermione and Daphne added
5.Art added for Hermione and Susan interactions with Markus tutoring
6.Added Christmas decorations for Marcus’ office! (better late than never)
7.Updated idles for Nola and Ginny
8.Ginny’s scene was updated
9.Changing room added (WIP, only Daphne is partially added at the moment)
10.New commissar scenes with all girls
11.New random interactions with portraits (WIP, may be broken in pre-release)
12.Dark path continues up to our next minigame which is still WIP (sorry)
13.Memories were added for all girls
14.Changes to Daphne Bathwater event
15.Many quality of life improvements and additions
16.Fixed a multitude of bugs
17.Added new bugs

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One response to “Innocent Witches – New Version 0.5B + Walkthrough + Save”

  1. GameLover69 says:

    Wait at least 12 to 17 months for any decent updates with h-scenes or lewd scenes with the main characters. Dev is just dragging the game out and milking it. Have played the last few updates with nothing really new at all. Maybe a few lines of text and a couple of renders. Should still be called a demo with one sex scene at the beginning and a ton of text to rapidly click through.

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