Cure My Addiction – Chapter 5 – New Final Episode 1C (Full Game)

Date: 08.06.2021
Language: English
Version: Chapter 5 Episode 1C
Censored: No

Info: Since your parents found out that you’re spending way too much time watching porn they decided to take action and do something about it.
Finally, they come to the conclusion to send you on your Uncle yacht without a phone, TV and computer. You’re not sure what happened, you didn’t see your Uncle for many years, your mother and him rarely talk to each other.
Apparently few years ago he becomes a millionaire and live a luxurious life since then. He’s married to Rachel and they have two daughters : Chloe and Emily. Emily, the oldest, was born from a previous relationship, I’ve never seen her father. Chloe was adopted a few months after my uncle married Rachel.
Once on board you’ll have to follow new rules to live on the boat and you’ll learn that breaking them has consequences. When you notice there’s only stunning women on board, you see an opportunity to give up porn for something even better! How will you achieve your goal? That’s up to you.

Chapters 1-2 – Version 0.11.1: Download links – Chapter 3 – Episode 11A: Download links – Chapter 4 – Episode 3B:

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14 thoughts on "Cure My Addiction – Chapter 5 – New Final Episode 1C (Full Game)"

  1. damascinos says:

    hello again me 😉 do you have any mega link for this game? thanks

      1. damascinos says:

        thanks 😉

  2. Hank says:

    This is the closest I’ve come to my first playthrough of Man of the house. Excellent game with good pacing and enough freedom as to not feel forced.

  3. lcw1972 says:

    Any mega link for download?

  4. WinroxasFR says:

    i’ll wait for see the full game ^^

  5. Brice says:

    This game starts out in Chapter 3. How do you start at the beginning? Where is chapter 1 and 2?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, i added now those chapters in info, you can download it via MEGA backup links, but if someone wants keepshare and other hosts i can post them too. Thank you for the info. 🙂

  6. Brice says:

    The link for chapter 2 does not work.

      1. Brice says:


  7. Brody Glossup says:

    it says check mail when on a trip but i dont see that option

  8. Sean Thornton says:

    Is this game worth downloading?

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