The Curse of Kubel – Version 1.00 + Full Gallery Save (Full Game)

Date: 24.07.2020
Language: English
Version: 1.00
Censored: No


Southwest of the Capital City of Asserya lies the mountainous commercial region of Kaldesta where a mysterious archaeological site was recently discovered there.
However, an earthquake swallowed up the city and split it into two. Now the area is divided between north and south. And many adventurers travel there now in search of treasure.
There is news of a curse that starts infecting the adventurers. The Magician’s Guild catches wind of this, and sends young apprentice, Magetano, to investigate.
What will Magetano discover during her investigation? Find out in The Curse of Kubel!

15 base CG (Approx. 560 variations)
54 H events
4 Endings

  • Cursed with a spell by the town mayor’s stupid son
  • Pleasure corruption
  • Extended lewd play for slow corruption
  • Outdoor mating & masturbation (gets caught a lot)
  • NTR / cheating

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One response to “The Curse of Kubel – Version 1.00 + Full Gallery Save (Full Game)”

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    A great rpg maker game, maybe one of the best “corruption” games out there. Bit of a slow boil before the sex starts, but a great story and premise makes up for that! Been playing for 3 hours now and am ways excited to see what comes next!

    ~excellent storyline
    ~voiced (girl moans/sfx)
    ~adorable protagonist with superb art style throughout
    ~unique “combat” that requires brain power when using items
    ~reeeeally long prologue (though is needed to set the story)
    ~3 hrs played and only 1 sex partner. Variety would be nice.
    ~4 grand for a one time item that reduces lust by like, 20?

    Overall: Highly recommended game!

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