Love and Lust: The Curse of Anataria – New Version 0.2

Date: 05.12.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No


It is an adult RPG set in a fantasy world where ten years ago a calamity left the populace of the small island nation of Anataria completely infertile. You play as a sexually inexperienced young man, recently made a fledgling mage by Anataria’s College of Applied Magic, who wants nothing more than to sit back and enjoy his freedom. After a summoning ritual gone wonderfully right he finds himself soulbound to a beautiful young succubus, Maia, a daughter of the Goddess of Lust and Love: Lillith. Maia wants to experience all the pleasures of the worlds she is summoned to, but she is also bound by duty to help worlds in need, in her mother’s name. You and Maia will embark on this journey filled with adventure, exploration, mysteries and of course a gratuitous amount of sex. Perhaps, along the way you may even figure out how to save your homeland from the infertility curse.

  • 25 New Scenes (45 total)
  • 15 New Bonus Renders (35 total)
  • 184 New Renders
  • Main Story Progression with Mistress Mei, Mistress Whitney and Penelope
  • New Dungeons and Quests with worthwhile rewards
  • New Herb Gathering and Alchemy Systems
  • New Teleportation Stone Fast Travel System
  • New Skill Training System to learn new spells and abilities
  • The game has full mouse support in case you want to play the game one handed for some reaso

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One response to “Love and Lust: The Curse of Anataria – New Version 0.2”

  1. Crownwalkj says:

    Probably one of the best 0.1 games I’ve played. There’s tons of content and the renders and writing are all very high quality. There’s a free walkthrough available on the dev’s patreon which I suggest you use if you get lost, but it’s mostly about exploring everything and doing the quests to find all the scenes. Def recommend this one if you like RPG’s and the artwork.

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