Valiant Warrior Astrid – New Version 0.5 (Hot)

Date: 09.09.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.5
Censored: No

Info: This is second game from creator of “Valentina’s Story”.I wanted to make a fantasy game with a tomboyish protagonist who gets thrown into a quest, and discovers her sexuality along the way. Make no mistake though, this will be a hardcore corruption game.

v0.5 Beta
New content:
New Game Over defeat scene with the sewer monster boss. Should unlock automatically in the gallery on older saves.
New Little Paul scene.
New Magic Shop scene with two routes.
A couple new Freja scenes at her house in Krossavik Commons.
New scene in the alley at night (Krossavik commons, City Girl outfit).
Two new dream sequence scenes.
Added two new animations to the non-virgin inn masturbation scene.
New building in Krossavik Merchants District: The Knights Guild. You will be able to complete side quests for them. The first is the new quest/area that had the second part cut for the beta. Still includes two new scenes. Full release will have 4ish more scenes.
Astrid can now work at a small fruit stand in the Krossavik Merchants district during the morning. Has CG’s but no sexual content.
Astrid can now climb up to the roof of the Inn in her underwear/naked at night. The idea is to give you an early way to start lowering your shame.
Two new Don Trainer outfits.
Finished most of Don Trainer’s Daily Tasks. They also lower your shame slightly.
Misc changes:
Replaced this Submission and Dominant stats with a sliding scale, and made it easier to accumulate points. This system will be expanded on in the future.
Added all new scenes to the gallery.
Added hints to all scenes in the gallery.
Text skip hotkey is now Shift.
Added text box hide with Ctrl
Added new save compatibility plugin so that I can ensure older saves will work in future versions.
Added experimental “Wait for 60 FPS” feature to smooth out gameplay.
Added experimental image cache flush on animated scene ends to keep RAM usage down.
Changes to scene plugin to support new animated scenes.

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