Reporter Kate – New Version 1.00 + Walkthrough (Full Game)

Date: 23.11.2018
Language: English
Version: 1.00
Censored: No

Info: This is the introduction story of my another game ‘Reporter Kate’. You will found out what is the story about in it and it includes the first two events of the game.
Note: New game from Combin Ation – Creator of Agent Alona, Survivor Sarah 1,2 etc

Update Version 1.00:
1. Added one more one picture event for the second last location for story wise.
2. Revised and finalized the events for last location and endings.
3. CG room is completed now and event can be replayed there.
4. The completed game has only 10 save slots because of the size of game.(For moving save in previous version, you can change the name to ‘Save1.rxdata’)
5. Added more background npcs to the game.
6. More drug abusers are added to the map for battle.
7. A new item will be acquired by Kate after defeating 8 drug abusers and will add extra dialogues for the three main endings to explain a bit more of the story.
#’Shining Stars’ are added for tips for player in last version.(I am sorry for this decision made at the last moment because I think it is part of the gameplay to search for the locations originally but actually find it quite confusing because of the map and added this so player can find the locations easier.)

Reporter Kate -The OBreaking News- Walkthrough
Here is the walkthrough for Reporter Kate as requested. But I hope you will play the game at least once before reading it as the creator, lol! I have tried to minimize the spoiler of the game as possible.
Kate will be given two choices in every location in games. One is for hentai event which Kate’s ‘Ethics’ will drop afterwards and the other one is to prevent it and process through other method. The decision will lead to different endings.
Toilet Events
Two toilet scenes in the game.
Kate will want to go to toilet after certain location. There is a public toilet in city center and she can trigger the event there.
After the first toilet scene, Kate will want to go to toilet again after ‘another location’. Go to the public toilet in city center again and she can trigger the event there.(Kate have to finish the first toilet scene before finishing the ‘another location’ or she won’t request to go to toilet again)
The two scenes are optional but will have minor affect on 1 event and 1 ending.
One Picture Events
Two light one picture events to connect to an important character in the universe. They are in the second last location and depended on Kate’s choice in that location.
Ending 1 Requirement:
‘Ethics’ >=80, Accept at least one owner’s request.
Ending 2 Requirement:
‘Ethics’ 79-20, Accept at least one owner’s request.
Ending 3 Requirement:
‘Ethics’ 19-0, Accept at least one owner’s request.
Ending 4 Requirement:
Reject all 8 owner’s requests to go through the game.
Ending 5 Requirement:
Accept all hentai/naughty request in all the locations in Rexsar City.
When defeated by drug abuser, a defeat scene will be triggered and determined by Kate’s ‘Ethics’.
Defeat 1 Requirement: ‘Ethics’ 100-75
Defeat 2 Requirement: ‘Ethics’ 74-50
Defeat 3 Requirement: ‘Ethics’ 49-25
Defeat 4 Requirement: ‘Ethics’ 24-0
I believe you should be able to find all the events in game with the walkthrough above. You can leave comment below if you still have questions.

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