Man of the House – New Final Version 1.0.2c Extra + Incest Patch + Wallpapers (Full Game)

Date: 20.12.2019
Language: English, German, Portuguese, Russian, French
Version: 1.0.2c
Censored: No

Info: In this game you will play as a young adult, who is living together with his attractive (step*)mother and 2 hot (step*)sisters, in a city filled with even more gorgeous women!
Each NPC has their own storyline and you get to decide when and where you would like to explore and which girl you want to pursue. Every update will expand on existing storylines, but also on adding new locations, girls, jobs, events, etc.
* Depending on your preferences.
You will be able to freely move around locations, both inside your appartment and throughout the city. During your exploring you will encounter NPC’s, find items and trigger events.
You get to decide how you will react, affecting the stats of the NPC’s, namely: love and special.
The love stat indicates how much an girl loves you, increase this stat to unlock new dialog options and events.
The special stat is different for each girl and you will have to find out how to raise it. By raising this stat you will unlock more…exciting…dialog options and events.
Most actions and events can be repeated a number of times before they stop increasing stats, but be careful, wrong decisions might decrease a girl’s stats as well.

Steam Deluxe Edition
Includes the Christmas Episode in the main menus
Adds Spanish translation, bugfixes, and spelling corrections

INC Patch:
Just copy the mapping.xml file to same directory as the game (overwrite the existing mapping.xml)

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81 thoughts on "Man of the House – New Final Version 1.0.2c Extra + Incest Patch + Wallpapers (Full Game)"

  1. massny says:

    Cool job… keep going Master!

  2. Jerry Cotten says:

    i still cannot get the massage-oil
    and everytime MC wants to check Veronica at the club Amy interrupts,

    anything wrong with achievements ??

    Emma still has ??? as identifyer . . ??

    i managed to edit the save file 2get 2achievemnts i missed, because i gave the Maid-costume 2early

    1. miladmin says:

      Maybe there are still some bugs in the game and because of that you can’t get it. Check always walkthrough, this one which i shared is i think official from Developer so it can maybe help you. 🙂

  3. Jerry Cotten says:

    i have all of them from the different Versions .
    so again , try and error / day of the marmot . . .

  4. Jerry Cotten says:

    still NO progress NEITHER with Amy NOR with Veronica (NoPantyWay)…
    each time MC enters the club she says she likes MC, but does not have a drink with him ???
    what are the achievements nr. 4.6 – 4.9 with Veronica ??
    maybe i can have a point here ??

  5. Jerry Cotten says:

    Hmm . . .

    1. miladmin says:

      So this walkthrough doesn’t help? 🙂

  6. Jerry Cotten says:

    Stop, when ouch is new . . .

  7. Jerry Cotten says:

    Version 8-1 enters immediately a textloop after entering the bunker

    1. miladmin says:

      There is version 0.8.1b now but i have many games to post so i am not sure when it will be available. I will try to post it today, sorry for waiting. But here is mega link if you don’t want to wait:!1nYyDQLQ!OsCySJd3wZqnOijaHBwjpOssEepNyx-SK3P3iSXTop0 🙂

  8. Jerry Cotten says:

    thanks for quick response,
    but i am currently busy saving and documenting an onlime game that is about to close,
    i shall finish that first and some important private matters

  9. Jerry Cotten says:

    took the mega testing today afternon

  10. Jerry Cotten says:

    had some achievements lost probably due to loading a wrong Mike-backup,
    but traveltime (i forgot to mention that) and bunker-events are ok now !!

    1. miladmin says:

      That’s good. 🙂

  11. Jerry Cotten says:

    starts with black screen and stays so

  12. Jerry Cotten says:

    Restoring back to 8.1 does NOT work !!

    Shall wait for the next Full version

    1. miladmin says:

      Yes, after this 0.8.2 there wasn’t newer fixed version so you will need to wait a little. 🙂

  13. Jerry Cotten says:

    installed 8.3 as suggested in installation-instruction
    still black screen , when starting game

    anyone has version 079 as mega ?
    then i would be able ro restore and play v81

    1. miladmin says:

      I have version 0.7.9 but in those file hosts which i use on site only. If you want i can post them here in comment. 🙂

  14. Jerry Cotten says:

    loaded V84 – trying to restart with my last active point gives :
    savegames v81 not compatible with V83 ???
    so i am supposed to restart with a Mike-save
    where i do not know how far the interaction is with the characters
    especially Veronica + Amy where i got stuck at the Night-club ?
    and probably missed some scenes , or relaod and replay every Mike, without resaving ??
    – i shall check the Achievements

  15. Jerry Cotten says:

    u changed the Version of my last save file from 8.01 8.31 (or something like that)- now some selfies and go to known points are missing – I shalll start replaying next week
    unfortunately there is no time to check the 100%-8.31-save against my save . . .

    so replay would be more fun . . .

  16. Jerry Cotten says:

    forgot to mention, the black screen was the result of Word pad/editor
    saving mapping with german comments as xml-file . . .
    or better not as XML (their were some hyroglyphes in the current XML …- looked like a com-file)

  17. Jerry Cotten says:

    that starts me with buying milk ??? again
    getting Sophie out of Jail ?? what is point 4 in achivements ??

    is more scrambled than before
    -trying to get that point out of an older save-file

  18. Jerry Cotten says:

    inventory does not fill either,
    so can’t handle passport to officer again , Though I did fulfill that post alredy ???
    I fear it’s dead for good
    -start all over ?
    – i dont think so

    which lines (flags/achievements ?) to edit in save to get the full out if jail ??

  19. RCC says:

    I have tried multiple times to play this game. Download it, unzip it, and when I double click on the game application file it never even starts!?!? Anyone have any idea why? Would appreciate any help…seems like a good game and would really like a chance to play it!

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, do you have this problem with other games which are created in Unity-3D?

      1. RCC says:

        i have had this problem with a few other games (out of hundreds) but to be honest I am not sure if they were all Unity games…I don’t think they were because I know I have played Unity games with no problem.

        1. miladmin says:

          Hello again,

          Well i think that reason can be that file sometimes can be corrupted or problem can be system requirements for this game. Can you give me a screenshot of folder for this game, just to compare if something is missing. Also here is discord for this game, maybe someone else have or had this problem

          1. RCC says:

            First, i would like to say thank you so much for trying to help me with this. Second, I deleted the game when I couldn’t eve get it to start…can re-download and install again. Not sure what you mean by a screenshot of the folder. Do you mean you want to see the contents of the unzipped folder? Sorry for being such a dummy and not as tech savvy as I wish I was. Also, I have never used discord before so had no idea what to do when I registered and opened it. Sorry, if this is asking too much I understand completely. First time I ever asked for help with a game problem…usually just read the faqs and try to find answers. But I do appreciate you trying! If you tell me how to get that screenshot you want I can re-install the game if you think it will help.

          2. miladmin says:

            No problem friend, i will always try to help if i can, because i also play adult games and usually know which problems people have and solutions for that. Yes i need contents of unzipped folder, just to compare something. But please download from this link!rT4RXYhD!4yBnP9JtPlP9zDuIoh5Vcy9kL1j6nI0vPvPpb5Uyiiw If game will work then problem is corrupted file. About discord on left side you have categories such as help, bug-report so you can write there and developer of this game will see and maybe he knows the solution for this problem. 🙂

          3. RCC says:

            Ok, downloading game again with the link you provided. Will try it and if it still won’t start will try to get you a screenshot of the folder. And once again, thank you so much for your help!

          4. RCC says:

            Well, I downloaded the game again (using the link you provided) and it still won’t load/startup. I took a screenshot of the contents of the folder but can’t paste it here, how can I get that to you? Thanks again for all your help!

          5. miladmin says:

            Upload it on and you can write me here link or on mail [email protected] 🙂

          6. RCC says:

            I sent you an email and attached the screenshot to it. Hope we can figure this out. Once again, thank you so much for your help my friend!

          7. miladmin says:

            Hello, i answered you on mail. 🙂

        2. tCiB says:

          Hey, do you use Citrix (workspace), for example for school? I had issues with some games (specifically those that start with a popup in which to set graphics options and screen resolution) when having citrix workspace installed. Uninstalling it did the trick for me, both in this game as well as with some others.

  20. Jerry Cotten says:

    deleted game, due to hang in Veronica’s achievement: you get out of jail point 4 still shows up with red cross and inventory cannot be filled or taken goods away/out

    obviously anywhere between V.076 and v.083 a file(s) got corrupted while downloading.

  21. ole says:

    ver. 0.9.5 is corrupt

      1. damascinos says:

        thanks for the link 😉

  22. Hi Miladmin,I’m well into this game and I’m at the stage where the MC is having yoga lessons with Claire on the rooftop. When they get very intermate I get a yellow triangle With an exclamation mark in the middle of it. It goes when the MC is just finishing his climax.I do have the mapping file in the game, so should this be happening? Is that what ole means when he says the file is corrupt.? Regards Gus

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello Gus and sorry for late reply. 🙂
      The Mapping file is INC Patch for the game, and i think that it can’t break(corrupt) game. I think that ole had problem with download so i gave him my backup link. You can use this link too. 🙂

      1. Hi Miladmin, All’S good mate, I downloaded the link you gave to ole and the game is now good, no issues anymore. Cheers Gus

        1. miladmin says:

          That’s great friend. 🙂

  23. Ovetto says:

    sorry im new how do i launch the game? i only downloaded and i dont know what to do next please help

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, when you download a file you need to use right click and then to extract. After this you will see folder and inside there will be icon, you don’t need some specific program to install for this, just 2 clicks on icon and that’s all. I hope that this will help, if you need some other help you can ask here or on mail [email protected] and i will answer asap. 🙂

  24. damascinos says:

    hello thanks for the almost full version lol do you gave any mega link please? thanks again for your work

  25. CaptainFantasy says:

    Thanks! Is there an updated walkthrough for the new version?

  26. Mrki says:

    Do you have a Mega link for the new version(1-0-1)?.

  27. lcw1972 says:

    Any walkthrough?

  28. KenEzthex says:

    MilAdmin, please upload v1.0.2 to MEGA please because it’s the only one link that I can download with full speed even if it’s got a quota per day limit but it’s still better than Keep 2 Share or FileBoom which low download if it’s free….
    Thanks in advanced

    1. miladmin says:

      Hey sorry i didn’t see your comment, here is link and sorry for late reply:!aOYRWYRL!dDEujEbh70S47n6XVGcg1qWIb92ePDIV6L_BpisyYVQ

  29. CoachWilson says:

    Thank you very much!

  30. agustin says:

    Alguien conoce de alguna link de Man of the House – New Version 1.0.2 Extra + INC Patch (Full Game) lenguaje Español, favor enviar el link de descarga.

  31. Gurusaya says:

    Does anyone has the full walkthrough or a walkthrough for v. 1.0.2?

  32. gurusaya88 says:

    Where can i obtain the latest version (1.0.2) walkthrough?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, there isn’t any available walkthrough at the moment, but if i will find some i will send you on mail or in comment, your wish. 🙂

  33. McCat says:

    Hey Miladmin:
    I saw where you commented that you had another game website up and running. Could you please tell me the url for it? If it’s your website I definitely want to check it out! Thanks.

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, yes here is link:
      There is currently around 900 games and it doesn’t include all games from this site but i will try to post it soon. 🙂

  34. WinroxasFR says:

    Any soluce please ? i dont success to have all love from all the girls

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, i am sorry i don’t have time to play all games so i can’t help with this one. Here is CG-RIP for full game if you want to see maybe:
      Here is also full save for version 1.0.2c:!1XhTTQyS!y0GIcUEsO9upIhPwPZSr5tNGg0kTuXUN0CxnppQgyjQ
      I hope that this can help you a little. 🙂

  35. dan.bou says:

    what is the password of RAR file to extract?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, i don’t use password for files. If password is needed then you will see it in game’s info.

  36. RAGNAROK13 says:

    Hiiii, thanks for the game xdd, i have one question ,is it necessary to install the patch?,What’s it for?

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, well you need the patch if you want to play game with INC (Family Sex) content. 🙂

  37. Dj BS_One says:

    I have a question, does someone happen to know who made the soundtrack from the main menu of the game?
    Google search was unfortunately unsuccessful. Can someone help me there.
    I want to make a complete song out of the track. Of course, subject to copyrights.
    Sorry my bad english

  38. JYC says:

    do you have a walkthrough?
    I blocked with Mum for cross her when i go out of the bath. 🙁

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, sadly for this game there isn’t any available walkthrough. 🙁

  39. noxaurea says:

    il y aura t’il une suite avec les autres filles merci pour une reponse

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, I think no. Creator is working on new game called “Mystwood Manor”. 🙂

  40. Dreamwalker says:

    Game crasches when Pam is asking me herself to the bar. I can’t get out of the bar!!!
    It just says “I need to find Pam” … but I can’t get anywhere.

  41. panoszan says:

    kalhmera, I have just started the game and I want to give a lot of congratulations to the creator. but I have a problem, I have unlocked emma, ashley, almost mom but I have glued to veronica at the beginning which says to put her to do the housework I have put it over 20 times and she still writes me the same what I need to do.because otherwise the other girls did not start, thanks in advance.

    1. anonymous says:

      Have you stayed and watched her doing the houswork also? And have you demanded her doing it without underwear?

      1. panoszan says:

        yes membership I did it after many attempts thank you.

  42. Dreams says:

    I cat get the unsyre ending,, i did all the rest and still says i have anotherthing to do, every thing on everyones green

  43. Jhon says:

    como se completan los 2 ultimos logros del prota (GENERAL)

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