SQ Cruise Ship [version 0.5.6 Fix3]

Date: 02. 2021
Language: English
Version: 0.5.6 Fix3
Censored: No


You are a young man living with your capricious girlfriend near London. Your rich american parents have always paid everything for you, so you?ve never had it hard in life. One day your best friend calls you to give you a present: Two tickets for a two month cruise!
Unfortunately, your girl won?t go with you due to the inestability of your relationship. Nevertheless, you make the decision to go alone and enjoy it for yourself.
A decision that will change your life forever…v 0.4.5: New stats display, INT numbers are now on the IQ scale (starting with 100), FIT is subtracted from MC if does not exercise for 3 days. New BBC SMS, new anal class (by Lucy), added scene to the 4th week’s Health Review, if certain stats are met. 4th week’s Tara’s Review can completely change depending on SUB stat. Style class has different outcomes depending on FEM. “Tummy” and “Legs” added to Appearance. These change depending on the FIT stat (+ legs show shaven if they are). Added hover picture and description to “Anal” and “Oral” descriptions. Can’t get FEM stat on shower anymore. Can’t get double INT on library. Multiple audio bugs fixed, as well as broken images. PS: will be online soon.

v0.5.6 fix3:
– Being able to skip classes while in the Casino (it is still exploitable for extra points).
– Cherry’s 2nd class black screen if player skipped 1st class.
– SMSs notification sounds when there shouldn’t be.
– Cuckold path: 7th SMS black screen if player skipped previous SMS fixed.
– Alt. path: 5th week (day 33) sound notification removed.
– Rome docking visit, extra links at bar were leading to variables not being set correctly.
– Tara Strapon scene doesn’t set LUST to 0.
– SUB bar disappearing when it’s too high.
– Chloe’s “kittyband” quest’s link persisting after it being finished.
– “Return” button on “Top Magazines” (Library) took players to wrong place.
– Legs wouldn’t appear in “Appearance” passage if FIT was higher than 35.

v0.5.6 fix2: Audio still persisted on the cuckold path and SMSs were off by default. Changed the laptop quest at the start a bit, so it doesn’t flash as “Active” when it’s “Finished”.

v 0.5.6 fix: Bugs Fixed: Only 2 SMSs from the cuckold path popping up, Dreams passage wasn’t setting SMSs, constant “ding” audio when entering Bedroom, game wouldn’t set variables within conditionals at the pre-render for the player’s save files. Typos (intro, classes, SMSs, etc…). Added feature: You’re now able to DISABLE the SMSs completely by accessing the Phone and clicking a flashing link.

v0.5.6 – INTRODUCTION RE-WRITE (Adding the Laptop, Jobs, etc…) + ALTERNATIVE (NO-CUCKOLD) SMS PATH (11 new SMS for an alternative path):

-Introduction Re-Write: Added the GF’s Laptop as part of the main story, giving the MC to have an argument with her about its contents. After the first night on the Ship, you’re able to choose if you want the cuckold or alternative path. GF and her friend’s jobs are part of the story.

-Cuckold alternative path: 11 new SMS. Depending on your decisions at the start of the story, you’ll be able to skip the cuckold content, in favour of a more “SPH, findom” fetish route with Lana sending you the texts. Your male friend will indirectly also be a part of it. Some dialogs have been given the chance to change in order to fit the alternative path in case you choose it (Psychologist’s conversations, Captain T’s first talk, Tara’s general dialogs, Costume Contest afterparty SMS, etc…)

-Bugs fixed: Typos, SMS notifications showing twice, Lana’s SMSs not available after reading them, Chloe link not disappearing after completing the side-quest.

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2 thoughts on "SQ Cruise Ship [version 0.5.6 Fix3]"

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey when are you going to make the new version.. I’m done with this part..

  2. Jeff McKenize says:

    Here’s a guy w3ho asks money from people to support his game but takes Months to put a new version out for it.. Been waiting now 9 months for him to update his game..And he wants people to subscribe?????? I ended my subscription when he didn’t answer my last comment in March.. Just think I would have paid him 45 bucks for nothing..

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