Big Brother: Another Story – New Version + INC Patch

Date: 05.03.2022
Language: English, German, Russian
Censored: No

Info: The players steps into the shoes of Max, a poor guy living in a poor family with his mother and two sisters. However, everything changes when you receive a gift from your father, a huge house with a huge pool! But there still isn’t any money…
– Find a way to make money and seduce the women in your family!
– Follow quest lines and unravel family secrets.
– RPG dialogue and branching paths
– High quality renders (1920×1080)
– Sandbox game-play
– Corrupt a family – From innocent to sex-addicted

INC Patch:
Put it in the /game folder.

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41 thoughts on "Big Brother: Another Story – New Version + INC Patch"

  1. yasin says:

    mega link any ?

  2. yasin says:

    mega pls

  3. colinjfrancis says:

    How do you give the swimsuit to Lisa? I managed to purchase it, but I can’t find an option to anywhere to give it too her.

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, here is walkthrough, maybe it can help you:!sOQERAqY!ukpDJBZES2r6hiix4MpH-daJiP1eLaKY6jN0KVhb0PI

      1. colinjfrancis says:

        Thank Miladim. The walkthrough explains why I can’t gift anyone – that option is not yet available! A bit unfortunate, as that means the game currently stumbles at the first hurdle, in that Eric gifts the girls before I do, even if I have already purchased the item. Oh well! I’ll have to wait for future updates to play the game properly. At the moment it’s obviously not worth me continuing with.

        1. lobo1212 says:

          LOL. Russian planning and forethought at its best.

  4. raj says:


    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, this game is created in Unity i think, so after you extract it you should see game’s icon and just double click and that’s it. You can provide me screenshot of folder so i can tell you what to click. 🙂

  5. ivan says:

    How do cheats work? i can’t make them work

    1. miladmin says:

      I found this explanation:

      Before you run the game.exe file.

      “unren-dev.rpy” file
      Copy it to [ \ game ]

      File location should look like this –> D:\Big Brother – Another Story\game\unren-dev.rpy
      Run the game.exe, Load your Save file or Start a New Game and after all the intro; if the game has.
      Press SHIFT key + O (not the number) to open Console view.
      Type the desired Cheat code and press ENTER to execute it.
      Press ESC key or type “exit” to close console.

      Money Cheat detection is implemented in the Game, when you have very high Money.
      Warning messages could be displayed when you ask Money from Ann for completing chores.
      And could occur during other events, such as buying dress for Alice / Lisa.
      To avoid such warnings, keeping the Money cheat value between 300 ~to~ 500 is optimal.
      However, there is an option to get Loan / Credit within the Laptop menu -> Cyber-Bank
      (This will trigger as an Event when you need to fulfill a certain Story-related progress)

      Money Cheat:
      mgg._m1_01classes__tange = 200
      Stealth Skill:
      mgg.stealth = 100

      Persuade Skill: 100

      Fitness: = 100

      mgg.cleanness = 100 = 100
      (since daily sleep counter depends on it, its better to keep energy value around 10~25, if you are low to interact)

      Character stats:
      (relmax = Relationship with max, mood = Character’s mood, free = Emancipation )




      To change Ann’s Mood to “Good” type the following code in the Console view
      ann.mood = 100

      To change Lisa’s Relationship with Max to “Warm” type the following code in the Console view
      lisa.relmax = 500

      For different Mood & Relationships types, refer the Mood/Relationship Charts values below.

      1. Roblox says:

        Hey it the last 2 commands dont seem to work for me? do you know why this is happening?

  6. bumfuzzled says:

    I’m in the 58 days of bb another story but still no kira’s arrival,what should I do?

  7. loveabhi says:

    I am getting an error on this about image and script, how can I get rid of them

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, download fixed version from this backup link:

      1. abhishek says:

        Hi I have downloaded from mix drop link which you have shared but still, the same error is coming.

        1. miladmin says:

          Hello, it will be probably fixed in next updates, i wish i can do more about this but currently can’t. I will update game if some fix will be out, don’t worry. 🙂

  8. loveabhi says:

    Also please help with updated version of this game as I have both 13 and 05

    1. miladmin says:

      This version 13 is for some other game which isn’t connected to this one, just story is similar. Also this version 13 of other game is abandoned so i advice you to play only this game Big Brother: Another Story which will get updates in future. 🙂

      1. Abhishek says:

        Hi, I am playing this game from a very long time now but still, I am not able to find a fixed version where no error code can skip game play.

        1. miladmin says:

          Sadly i have only this version which is currently on site and there isn’t any fixed version after that. I hope that developer will fix that error in future. 🙂

  9. axeslinger says:

    Cant get version 0.06 to open…both exe files say it is not a valid win32 application. Suggestions?

    1. Doffen says:

      I have the same problem.. It workd the first time i open it, nut now it wount

    2. Doffen says:

      I have the same problem

      1. miladmin says:

        Hello, try to download from backup link:!5ANUWDTT!om_SqH1ae1seaepfqjxcNYaEKNoJmKzU31NGw_cD7jo
        Let me know if you still have the same problem. 🙂

      2. miladmin says:

        Hello, can you post me here screenshot with folder of this game. Just to check files, maybe I can help somehow. 🙂
        You can use this pic host:

    3. miladmin says:

      Hello, try to download from backup link:!5ANUWDTT!om_SqH1ae1seaepfqjxcNYaEKNoJmKzU31NGw_cD7jo
      Let me know if you still have the same problem. 🙂

      1. axeslinger says:

        Yes…same problem

      2. Doffen says:

        Same problem as before..

        1. miladmin says:

          Hello, can you post me here screenshot with folder of this game. Just to check files, maybe I can help somehow. 🙂
          You can use this pic host:

          1. miladmin says:

            Hello, try to open BigBrother_AnotherStory file, I mean this one without 32 numbers. Let me know if it works. 🙂

          2. miladmin says:

            Hello, hmm I am not sure what can cause this problem sadly. Do you have this similar problem with other Ren’py games and do you have 32/64 Win? 🙂

          3. axeslinger says:

            Nope. Only been with this one, this version. Previous versions have worked fine

  10. Ducky says:

    Any1 played new version already? Is the “give” funktion now there? If not game is not even worth to download

  11. warhammer74 says:

    All I get is error codes after the first meal any image every time. Is there a fix for this or do i have to wait for the next update.

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, I will post new version soon so maybe it will be fixed. 🙂

  12. warhammer74 says:

    Give the kid a job not just 150 f0r starter I know playing it would be better and give the kid more cash to buy the girls stuff and improve himself other wise he is just a loser and no way in hell he can compete with Eric. Chores around the house need to pay more and items cost less then what they do. clase half and clothing 50 to 60 at most not 400 0r 500 and books 10 to 20 it would make game play easier.

    1. Ossole says:

      Just buy and set up cameras in rooms, with 7 cameras you won’t have any problems with cash

  13. ole says:

    too many animation…not worth my time

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