St Lascivia: Academy of Magic – New Version 0.17.7

Date: 17.04.2024
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.17.7
Censored: No

Info: You are a genius demonologist, Hector van Carnie. The thing is that you can’t remember anything about your life in the first place, and don’t really know how you ended up at Saint Letitia Academy of Magic. Everybody seems to think you are a replacement teacher for demonology, intending to educate students – angels, elves, fairies, dwarfes and gnomes, even vampires and werevolves. Still, you get the impression that you are somehow familiar with the topic, but… possibly, from the different side?
Intuition suggests that all this is not an accident – all your paperwork is in order, the opening at the Academy is available, the department of demonology awaits a new teacher… It’s all part of some plan.
It remains to understand – what is really happening here?.. Although, you must admit, the students at the Academy are very pretty. It’s up to you, how Saint Letitia Academy of Magiс will become Saint Lascivia Academy of Lust!​

Version 0.17.7
The Plot until Gabriella’s arrival and meeting with Hector-from-the-Past.
Technical preparations for the 0.18 release (UI, items in inventory, role-playing system and so on). Mostly this is a groundwork for a proper big release next month (June 2024).
Version 0.17 (Versioning system revised)
This release, for which we’ve even updated our version tracking system, marks a major shift for our project from a Visual Novel to an RPG/Datesim mode!
Under the hood, the LDPE system (Location – Date – Period – Events) now allows the player to freely navigate the Academy, with a functioning day and period change. Both global and secondary plot events are triggered. Moreover, this version lays the foundation for the RPG and Dating systems that we’ll be developing in future releases.
And of course – new locations, new content, new scenes.

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2 thoughts on "St Lascivia: Academy of Magic – New Version 0.17.7"

  1. Matt says:

    this game doen’t work in english all is in russian it’s very hard to play it !!!

    1. miladmin says:

      Hello, this game is actually in Russian but it use Translator. The game was translated with “XUnity.AutoTranslator” to see the English text, you need to be connected to the Internet. 🙂

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