Luxury Escorts – New Version 0.2 Beta

Date: 30.01.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.2 Beta
Censored: No

Info: The plot revolves around Alex, a young guy who gets kicked out of his father’s home and sent away to find someone… about who he doesn’t know anything . He finds himself facing one big question: what do you do when youre biggest dream… becomes a daily reality? And, most of all, how do you react when you live with someone that twists your mind every second and you don’t know why?​

v0.2 BETA
Luxury Escorts v0.2_Beta

  • Reworked the game in Ren’Py…. Yaaaaay! So no more Tyranno… Now you can SCROLL BACK 🙂
  • Introduced charachter dialogue… so no more plain old exposition….
    Now… they say what they want to say… And, this way… you get to know them better… Because they have… well… alot to say…. And different moods when they talk…
  • Introduced dialogue options… with tips about what you have chosen and what trait will benefit from that decision… Ypu know…just to give you an idea about what’s coming.
  • There are no bad endings… just faster… if you don’t pay just a tiny bit of attention to the basic details… So… check them out!
  • Refined some of the story elements so… it makes a liiiiitle more sense…
    Hope you like the new look…!
    See you soon!

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